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4.0 Aviasales – up main airline tickets search engine

There is an old belief: if you are going to fly, go on Aviasales. Or put the app – it’s faster and more convenient. Or pull it from a distant folder, if already set. Oh, and don’t forget to be updated – iOS-version Aviasales increased to 4.0 version. Tell what has changed – in short, innovations are small but important.

Changes can be seen immediately as open Aviasales: now filters, tabs, sorting and the calendar below. So much more fun to read quickly, even holding a big phone – no, even the smallest button will not escape our attention.

Who doesn’t want to press the buttons with your fingers, can activate their voice – the authors of the application emphasize that this is now the full control method. Hold the MIC button, tell Aviasales where you want to fly – and the search form displays all the options.

And yet the hands to cope with the program is preferable – especially given that the program has earned feature 3D Touch. You can hold your finger on a particular flight and the screen will flash infospravka: airport of departure and destination, number and time of transfers. And it works on all iPhone models, not just 6s or 6s Plus. And with the new Split View for iPad you can search for tickets, and at the same time chat in Facebook with fellow travelers or read in iBooks about tourist places in the city to which we fly. Seriously expanded search functionality.

For example, now Aviasales tells about the timetable for direct flights on selected routes. Convenient for those who are willing to change the dates of the trip, not to fly from Moscow to Milan, Minsk, Munich and other cities (optional on “M”) and . Now Aviasales memorizes the filters that you set when searching, and when next time will look for the same tickets, Aviasales again be invited to exhibit the same parameters.

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The “favorites” tab recycled: you put the ticket that you like, but you are not sure of its price. The program will start to send you notifications about the changes in the price of this flight – was it cheaper or more expensive. To disable the notifications easily. When the ticket is purchased, go to the tab “favorites” and drop the subscription.

The rest is all the same Aviasales, in which you look, once selected a vacation. A flexible system of filters, quick search tickets, low prices. Well, the “nail” Aviasales – card prices – and at the search engine displays on a transcendent level: the cost of tickets is attached to the geotag and you pristava map, choose where it is cheaper to go on a planned vacation. Don’t need to enter a million different directions in the hope to save – all in the palm of.

The app is as usual free.

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