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3D display Apple will be able to simultaneously show multiple images

Apple is developing the innovative display for mobile devices capable of displaying three-dimensional picture. Such an image can be formed by screen of smartphone, tablet or computer without the use of any additional accessories.

Autostereoscopic 3D displays are already embodied in smartphones LG and HTC, but the popularity is not gained, even despite the possibility of three-dimensional photos and videos at the expense of two cameras embedded in mobile devices. Complaints from users are mainly associated with the rapid fatigue of view from viewing three-dimensional images.

Filed Apple patent application describes a system that shows multiple users of different 3D images. If the gadget is used by several people, each of them will be able to see their individual picture. Another use – one user can play, and the other, for example, watch a TV show. The display system may display as three-dimensional and conventional video.

Similar solution, but without the use of 3D-images have already been implemented by several companies; for example, Sharp. These displays allow you to show different images to viewers located in different places relative to the center of the screen. For example, on the same display in the vehicle can simultaneously display a navigation map for the driver and the video for the passenger.

Apple has several patents on stereoscopic technology. One of them, registered in 2013, describes a 3D interface for mobile devices. The user can control volume elements on the screen of an iPhone or iPad and to consider three-dimensional objects from different angles simply by tilting the device in his hands.

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In September 2014, Apple was granted a patent on an interactive holographic display that projects the image in the air. Innovative technology also allows to obtain three-dimensional image without glasses.

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