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38 of the Emoji characters, which will appear on iPhone and iPad next year

Good news for lovers to communicate via emoticons: in the future, users will immediately 38 new Emoji. The Unicode consortium has reserved space for new icons, including shame, which is used to Express feelings of shame for another person.

As it became known, the sub-Commission organization the Unicode Consortium, responsible for the development of emoticons, introduced new icons, which after approval will appear in the ninth version of the Unicode standard, which will be released in 2016. Among Emoji that can appear in the new version of the standard, there are symbols depicting bacon, selfie, clown, shake, shame, dancing person, a pregnant woman, a withered flower, eagle, owl, duck, bat, Fox face and others.

Unicode appeared in 1991. The standard consists of two components: the universal character set (to more than one million elements) and the encoding of these characters. In the standard continually adds new characters — in 2011 it included emoticons and alchemical signs. New characters can offer all the people from the structure of Unicode, people from the outside. For example, alchemical symbols appeared due to academic Medievalists.

Thanks to a previous version of the Unicode standard, users have “politically correct” Emoji, and gay emoticons.

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