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32 TB source code of Windows 10 were in open access, Microsoft confirmed the leak

Open access was a huge part of the internal assemblies and components of the Windows kernel 10. On the website Betaarchive has been downloaded about 32 TB non-public distribution of images and projects the operating system. It is assumed that the data was taken from internal Microsoft in March of this year.

Among the leaked data — source code, which is distributed by the mechanism of Shared Source. According to experts, it includes the code base of Windows 10 drivers and PnP stacks USB and Wi-Fi, and OneCore kernel code for ARM devices. A Microsoft representative confirmed that the published files are actually part of the source code of Windows 10.

Leak the source code can serve as a tip-off for hackers looking for vulnerabilities in the OS. Anyone who managed to access the information can use it to search for critical security holes that could lead to a global hacking Windows-based computers. The code works in the heart of the OS, one of the most trusted levels.

Among the leaked copies of the official versions of the operating system was the secret build of Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016, which have not previously appeared in the Network. They are designed for finding bugs and testing and include debug symbols, which are usually removed from the public versions of the OS.

According to experts, the Network has been too many builds that Microsoft could use the protection mechanisms and to prevent the installation of the leaked versions on third-party computers.

“Drain” is considered to be the largest since the contact Network Windows 2000 source code that occurred in 2004.

The leak occurred after the UK authorities arrested two men on suspicion of theft Microsoft. Whether these events leak is unclear. But we know that both men were related to the development of Windows 10 and at least one was a donor resource BetaArchive.

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