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30 new jailbreak tweaks for iOS 9.3.3 [August 2016]

Almost daily there are new Cydia tweaks and software additions. The challenge is to determine which of them will make iPhone and iPad more functional, and by which it is better to take side. In this article MacDigger gathered 30 of the most interesting releases in Cydia for August.

Cleo (A$1.99, BigBoss)

The new design of the control room in the style of iOS 10.

3DAppLock (a$1.99, BigBoss)

Lock any application on your home screen with 3D Touch and Touch ID.

LockShot (free BigBoss)

The tweak installs a lock screen image of your desktop with the effect of frosted glass.

CameraTweak 4 ($1,49, BigBoss)

10 professional features to the standard iOS camera.

Genous (A$1.99, BigBoss)

Arbitrary setting scheme of arrangement of icons (and their size) for each page on the desktop.

Talus (A$1.99, BigBoss)

Analogue control iOS a stylish widget for your home screen.

Tap to Translate (free, BigBoss)

Tweak Tap to Translate allows you to translate an unfamiliar word or phrase in a single click. In a similar way the function works on Android.

Copic 2 (free, BigBoss)

Pictures-user avatars in the Phone app and Address book.

VolBright (free, BigBoss)

Adjusting the brightness of the screen of the iPhone and iPad using the volume buttons.

MessageMarkdown (free, BigBoss)

The tweak allows you to format text in iMessage using Markdown.

Wave2Wake (The$0.99, BigBoss)

Turning on and off your iPhone with a flick of the wrist.

Send As SMS Flipswitch (free, BigBoss)

Switch for the control to send the text as SMS instead of iMessage.

Widget Assistant ($0,99, MacCiti)

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Allows you to add widgets to your desktop like on Android.

AlwaysTouch (free, BigBoss)

The ability to unlock their devices using Touch ID, even with a disabled password.

Iconizer (A$1.99, BigBoss)

An arbitrary design of the icons on the desktop.

Easy Ringtone (free, ModMyi)

Easy Ringtone allows you to download any videos and tracks from YouTube and SoundCloud and use them as ringtones.

AntiNonstopCall (free, BigBoss)

Get many unwanted calls? AntiNonstopCall’ll answer for you and immediately drop the incoming call.

Canite ($1,50, BigBoss)

This tweak is for those who need a regular mini-player, piled a bunch of options and functions.

AllInboxesFilter (The$0.99, BigBoss)

The built-in Mail app in iOS allows you to view emails from all their accounts, which is sometimes not very convenient. With this tweak you will be able to choose to choose mail from any accounts you want to display.

TinyPlayer Pro (Us$1.99, BigBoss)

TinyPlayer Pro – one mini-player. But, unlike the Canite, there are far more options for customization. In addition, the player looks smaller and neater.

Anilaunch ($1,49, BigBoss)

Anilaunch adds various animations on the home screen depending on user actions.

Snakebite 2 (A$1.50, BigBoss)

Snakebite 2 – new multitasking bar, which displays on the left side of screen icons, favorites or recently running applications.

DephIcons (Of$2.99, Rpetri)

DephIcons allows you to achieve surround effect icons with parallax. Loaded from the repository

KBSwipe 9 (free, BigBoss)

Takes mode trepada on the keyboard with any iPhone iPad tablets and smartphones with 3D Touch support.

Speed Intesifier – iOS 9 Version (free, BigBoss)

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If you don’t like the slow animations of iOS 9, you can set the Speed Intesifier for the visual acceleration of the interface.

HapticLock (free, BigBoss)

HaptickLock introducing tactile feedback when you lock a device in the style of iOS 10.

Initialized (free, BigBoss)

Initialized tweak alerts you when you reinstall the jailbreak after a reboot of the device running iOS 9.3.2 and 9.3.3.

IMDownloader (free, BigBoss)

IMDownloader performs the role of file Manager and functionally very similar to IMFileManager. The latest can be installed from the App Store, but IMDownloader the possibility of download files.

WAEnabler (free, BigBoss)

Activation of hidden features for WhatsApp.

Resero 9 (free, BigBoss)

Resero 9 reduces to the standard notifications in iOS 9, so they are not distracted when working.

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