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3 weeks before presentation in China started selling a clone Galaxy S8

As you know, the announcement of the smartphone Samsung Galaxy S8 will be held March 29 in new York and London. Three weeks before the official show news in China started selling an exact copy of the South Korean flagship.

The Chinese have always been famous for its ability to create almost indistinguishable from the original device clones. This unit is an exact copy of the Galaxy S8. However, some differences among devices is still there. In particular, the Chinese engineers have added to the front panel inscription Samsung and mixed up the fingerprint scanner and flash, which the original Galaxy S8 are located respectively on the right and left of the camera.

In addition, the clone of Galaxy S8 has a different design of the lattice dynamics and is equipped with a microUSB port instead of USB. But its main difference appears when you turn on the display. The Chinese did a good job on the cloning design of the TouchWiz interface, but do not notice the edges of his screen wide black frame impossible. But the real Galaxy S8 boasts a display “edge to edge” and devoid of this shortcoming.

To talk about top stuffing copies are not necessary. But the design of the smartphone is really very similar to the appearance of the original device. And the confusion is quite real.

Clone of Samsung Galaxy S8 for sale in a popular electronics store Huaqiang North Market.

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