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3 ways to recover deleted contacts on iPhone

There are several ways to recover deleted contacts on iPhone. Three most simple of them is to use the saved version of iTunes, go to backup to iCloud or to install Dr. Fone.

Sometimes important contacts deleted accidentally. But all is not lost and data can try to restore.

Restore contacts using backup on iTunes

When you restore through iTunes, your contacts will sync with iCloud account and will be returned with minimal loss if the backup was made in a timely manner.

To start the process of restoring through iTunes you need to connect your smartphone to your computer and open the iTunes application. Then select “File”, point your gadget and click on the option “Restore from backup”. The system will offer a list of backups. You can just select and install it.

Restore contacts backup using iCloud

Find deleted contacts in iCloud. To do this, simply log into iCloud on your computer, go to settings and find the option “Restore contacts”, which is usually located under “Advanced”.

Depending on the number of contacts, the recovery process can take several minutes. E-mail will receive a letter confirming the action with the backup.

Restore the backup using the application Dr.Fone

The application allows you to recover data quickly and without loss. Available paid and free versions. Has a simple, intuitive interface. So take advantage of Dr.Fone will not even have the technical knowledge to users.

To restore, you will need to connect your smartphone to your computer, launch the app and choose “backup and data recovery”.

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In the menu “Backup” is the option “Contacts” by clicking which you can restore the lost entries. With the app you can recover even those data that were deleted a couple months ago.

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