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3 ways to quickly launch apps on iPhone and iPad

Anyone who has a large collection of games and apps on your smartphone, you know how difficult it is to find rarely used apps: endless swipes back and forth, opening folders trying to remember where you saved the app or even how the icon looks. Apple has suggested some ways to quick launch apps in iOS.

Use Siri

The easiest way to find and launch the desired app – to do this voice:

  • Press and hold the Home button until Siri appears.
  • Say “Open [name of app]”.
  • The application immediately starts up. If you installed the lock screen, you must enter a password or to press your finger against the Touch ID sensor.
  • The method is quite simple and suitable for most cases, except when the application name is hard to pronounce, or the user doesn’t remember him. It is worth noting that Siri understands, even if you say the name of the spell.

    Use Spotlight

    If voice control does not suit you, you should pay attention to the built-in Spotlight search, which is ideal for running applications.

  • Swipe down, if you are at any home screen or use the gesture swipe to the right until, until you reach Spotlight.
  • In the search bar type the application name.
  • Click on the icon to launch.
  • If you have a mechanical keyboard, in any application, use the shortcut Command + spacebar, and then the home screen appears with a running Spotlight.

    The combination of Command + Tab on the keyboard

    The third way is not so much about finding applications as you move on the newly launched.

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  • Press Command + Tab from any screen.
  • Hold the Command key, let go and press Tab to switch between applications. You can also use left or right arrow.
  • When you find the desired program, then release both keys.
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