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3 ways to improve the standard player Apple in iOS 11

iBooks on iOS is not only a “reader” for books, but also a great player for listening to audiobooks. The app works with Apple CarPlay, 3D Touch on your home screen and, surprisingly, boasts the best player among all Apple applications. At the moment, in iOS there are three versions of the playback screen in “Music”, “Podcasts” and iBooks and it is the latter boasts a unique features that Apple would be worth to implement in other applications.

Horizontal listening mode in iBooks

iBooks for iPhone supports landscape mode, and the “Music” and “Podcasts” — no. Perhaps that is why the play screen works in landscape orientation only with the program for books.

Apple made it possible to use iPhone 6 Plus, 6 Plus and 7 Plus in landscape mode right on the home screen, but most corporate applications only work in portrait mode, including Apple Music and Podcasts. This is not good, as the iPhone 7 Plus is equipped with stereo speakers, which is focused on listening in a horizontal orientation. In advertising functions stereo speakers iPhone 7 Apple marketers have to use the control because the standard music player in iOS 10 simply does not work in landscape mode.

By itself, the control also does not turn, it just adjusts the current orientation of the display. Playback interface for iBooks looks great, and similar implementation that Apple could implement in other apps in iOS 11.

The black theme in iBooks

The difficulty is that in iOS 10 significantly changed the design of the control room. Now this is a card interface, so the same effect like iBooks, will not work.

Player iBooks also switches between light and dark themes. If you enable the option “Night (auto)”, in dim light, the player activates dark skin. It is another feature of the standard ebook reader Apple, which is absent in other applications.

Finally, the player iBooks allows you to jump between parts of the book is to hold down the buttons “Forward” and “Back”. On the cover of the audiobook also, there is a button rewind.

Standard player Apple

Thus, landscape orientation, including a dark color theme and playback controls right on the cover is in iBooks, but for some reason, there are no other Apple audio applications. The interface “Podcast” is somewhat similar in design, but with Apple Music, the company has already started to move in the other direction, so there is a completely different concept.

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