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3 reasons why you think that Apple “is not a cake”

In one of his interviews the head of the company LeEco, Chinese billionaire Jia Yuting, broke the flow of criticism of Apple. He said that “Apple” the Empire is no longer the cutting edge of innovation and, moreover, lags behind in its development from other technology giants. Gia walked Uting and Apple policy that is contrary to global trends on the standardization of operating systems, and an atmosphere of elitism, where the company surrounds its products.

Of course, criticism from competitors is not surprising and unexpected. The more that the same company LeEco has repeatedly made sharp attacks toward Apple, mocking its products, accusing the company of “dictatorship”. However, it must be admitted that the opinion “Apple is not what it used to be” can be heard not only from competitors but also from ordinary users.

We offer you to understand the issue and highlight three reasons that often bring users on such thoughts.

1. High expectations

When Gia Outing says that Apple is no longer the cutting edge of innovation, he clearly prevaricate. The company as before sets the trends. So, the 3D Touch technology that allows the smartphone to feel the power of pressing on the display, first appeared in the iPhone in the fall of 2015, and only then it began to copy competitors. After the rejection of a 3.5 mm audio Jack in the iPhone 7 smartphone makers began a mass move to digital USB-C.

The problem, perhaps, is that these little innovations do not meet the inflated expectations of the audience. At the time Apple set a very high bar. Every release has generated a “wow-impulse”, which long excited the imagination of consumers.

iPhone 7 – innovative largely smartphone. It is the most efficient gadget on the market, compact and convenient – a great device for gadget lovers. Besides, he’s got a water-resistant case. However, the design of the device was not new, what was the reason for the criticism.

From any other manufacturers users do not require as much as Apple. Is it possible to imagine, for example, the company OnePlus was accused that its new smartphone “not innovative enough”? Unlikely.

2. The era of “perpetual beta”

We have entered the age of beta, and the finished products are no more. The frantic pace of progress is forcing developers to rush and launch on the market products, which a few years ago consumers would have considered an early beta. The users themselves become unwitting testers internally to catch bugs and wait for fixes.

Is it good or bad, but “people hawala” these crafts, and even asked supplements. Here only the principle of “quod licet Jovi, non licet bovi” works both ways. That can afford any private manufacturer can’t afford Apple. Otherwise worthless all the atmosphere that the company builds for many years. A luxury product is not issued to the buyer on the beta test.

Alas, in recent years, Apple ignores these simple and obvious rule. There hasn’t been a single major release of iOS, after which the company would not let go of the emergency repair. Users in this regard, the regular experience of cognitive dissonance: it seems the product of an elitist, and bugs at the start as a nameless Chinese.

3. When Steve Jobs was not like this

“Products are crap! They no longer have sex!” uncompromising said Steve jobs returned to the company in 1997. Many believe that jobs come back from the dead now, his criticism would be no less hard. In the last years of his life the former head of Apple made quite unambiguous statements about what should be the products of the company. For example, he hated the stylus.

In 2007, at the time of the release of the iPhone, the market was inundated with a variety of smartphones, very unlike those we use now. In the smartphone era doitnow keyboard and stylus was the norm. But not for jobs. “God gave us ten styluses. Let’s not invent another,” said he, when he was asked about the possibility of creating a stylus for the iPhone. Perhaps now, having seen the Apple Pencil, jobs would be furious.

Design in Apple products takes a special place. However, it is in the design the company has violated certain of its own principles, when I started to produce smartphones large. All remember how Steve jobs derided big phones that can’t fully embrace hand. He believed that compactness is one of the most important characteristics of the gadget, a part of the “Feng Shui”, based on intuition and subtle understanding of what the users want.

In that moment, when Apple Apple began to increase the display size of iPhone, it took a step that was unthinkable under Steve Jobs. The company has ceased uncompromising to lead the market, started to focus on trends, watching the competition.

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