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3 reasons why no Xiaomi smartphone will not be able to replace the iPhone

More and more often hear this phrase: “Took the smartphone for 20000 features — like the latest iPhone, but still the screen is bigger. Well, without the Apple on the back. But for the brand let the fools pay. I thing that the price match the quality.”

Some owners praised Chinese smartphones for rationality and the ability to save. Why a phone that costs three times cheaper, is unable to compete with the flagship iPhone and the leading Android manufacturers? In the publication Life on the example of popular in Russia Chinese brand Xiaomi is called the main reasons why you should not skimp when choosing a smartphone.

1. Marriage

Marriage and total insecurity — a natural consequence of the low price tag. On any forum, where we discuss the breakdown of smartphone, themes for Xiaomi always the longest.

The list of grievances is inexhaustible: often there are dead pixels, regularly stops working the touch screen (at all), and the speaker falls out after the first landing on the floor. Another problem is the terrible housing Assembly. For example, all Xiaomi Mi5 initially reeling swing shift volume — as it should be.

On the plastic (i.e. the budget) smartphones Xiaomi not you can do the 24th Caprice of Paganini, pressing the body in different places. On the one hand, these squeaks tolerable and clearly not fatal. But if you look at the situation from a different angle, it appears that the popular Asian soup wildly unstable to falling because of worthless build.

Chronic marriage of Chinese smartphones killing the entire philosophy of the economy. On average, the flagship Xiaomi gadget for 15-18 thousand rubles can withstand a year of active service. He then turns to the phone that you want always carry in repair and to pay a thousand for a thousand.

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Conclusion: conversations about difference in price between iPhone and Xiaomi become meaningless. Yes, the Apple gadget is two to three times more expensive, but he lives two to three times longer.

2. Shell

Xiaomi aims to earn not on smartphones (giving them almost at cost) and services. These services are built into the shell MIUI, which is in turn glued on top of a classic Android. What’s wrong with that? A lot of things.

First, Xiaomi completely changes the standard interface. The problem is not in appearance (although MIUI too tacky), and compatibility with third-party applications. Enough to install some popular programs from Google Play, and you will see how the interface elements are corny bump against each other. For example, the icons in the status bar will rise unevenly and ugly, and the player widget in the notification center will just cut off. Someone these visual deformities will not cause disgust, but we must admit that the expensive smartphones (iPhone or Google Pixel) there are no compromises.

Secondly, MIUI pre-installed apps disgusting Chinese services. Often these programs are not even translated into Russian. While Xiaomi really, really wants to get as much user data on its servers, and therefore always asks to have a Mi account. These reminders are so bored that even the most patient users frustrated and are registered, only to never see the damned notifications.

The final negative — new functions of Android which can be immediately forgotten. Even if you put a fresh version of the OS, MIUI won’t allow you to take advantage of the updates. Enough to take actual Android Nougat: owners of the Xiaomi does not Shine nor the grouping of alerts or quick replies to notifications, nor the icons for applications (like 3D Touch features in the iPhone, just long press). And this is just a short list of such unpleasant nuances in fact much more.

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However, most devices of Android updates just don’t get any. On this parameter to compare Xiaomi with Apple, it’s embarrassing. the iPhone 5 was released in 2012, and in 2016 received the most current iOS 10. Xiaomi Redmi Note 2 debuted in August of 2015, but he has not got even Android 6.0, not to mention the seventh version. But almost weekly updates arrive shell MIUI, which does not fundamentally change.

All of this suggests different attitudes of companies towards customers. Some try for all, only for those who have a new model.

3. Iron

The worst thing that happened in the history of Xiaomi, a translation of the line Redmi Note with a decent Qualcomm Snapdragon processor 650 for a cheap MediaTek X20. The savings is not justified: Chinese chipsets often overheat, consume battery (0% to the middle of the day — easy) and miss tick (smartphones corny brake). And these phenomena do not save even an impressive amount of RAM.

The second serious flaw is the camera, which do not correspond to top-level even in expensive (by the standards of Xiaomi) devices. Problems: noise across the frame, inept shooting in non-ideal lighting, the unnatural color reproduction. Pro video is also better not to remember — it is written in a frankly shameful, as even on the expensive models.

To Sony, HTC or Huawei as the moon. To Apple and Samsung — how to another galaxy.

What should I do?

To prioritize. If you are fantastically neat user which phone you only need access to the Internet on the big screen, the models of Xiaomi (and the like) will not fail. But if you need the camera, power for games, durable chassis and regular updates of the system, it is reasonable to invest in smartphones for those producers who are not engaged in dumping.

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Yes, at first glance, it is more expensive but in the long term profitable. Chinese smartphones are eclipsed And brands only due to the tempting price and good specs specified on the box. But the harsh reality puts everything in its place: to buy a full competitor of the iPhone is three times cheaper yet possible.

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