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3 extreme ways to extend the battery life of the iPhone

Blogger David Barnard has found a radical way to increase battery life of your iPhone 6 Plus. If you are ready to do anything in order to extend the autonomy of the smartphone on a single charge, you can use this method.

In normal use the iPhone 6 Plus offers 12 hours and 40 minutes of continuous use. Under the scenario proposed by Barnard, the autonomy of the gadget can be increased by almost half.

In this case, apply special settings. In particular, activated airplane mode, do Not disturb function and power saving Mode. To connect to the Internet Wi-Fi, sometimes turning off airplane mode to send text messages. Ultimately, the iPhone 6 Plus can live for 21 hours on battery.

How to enable all three modes of energy savings:

Airplane mode — just swipe up at the bottom of the iPhone screen to open the control center, and click the icon with the plane. All interfaces Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are stopped, including the connection to the Apple Watch. You also won’t be able to make calls and send text messages.

Do not disturb — switch this mode is also in the control room. Swipe from the bottom of the display up and click the icon with the image of the moon. This will force your iPhone to block all incoming notifications that you could receive on the lock screen.

Save mode is a new feature in iOS 9. Open Settings -> Battery and select the power saving mode to “On”. After that, the battery indicator will turn yellow. This mode turns off background updating programs, checking mail, automatic downloads and some visual effects.

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Please note that this is a radical method of saving battery. Airplane mode will make your iPhone not available for any kind of occasion. This method can help, if you keep somewhere and you don’t have a charge.

But even with only two activation modes: do Not disturb and saving, you can achieve excellent results in the extension of the iPhone. So don’t be afraid to experiment.

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