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2K Games “killed” BioShock for iOS

The mobile version of the legendary shooter BioShock has disappeared from the online store App Store. The creators of the hit project, Studio 2K Games decided not to invest in a compatibility update for iOS 9 and just deleted the game.

BioShock is a first person shooter released for the Xbox consoles and Windows-based computers in 2007. The action takes place in a ruined underwater dystopian city of Rapture 50 years ago. The main character in a plane crash finds himself in the underwater city, where he will explore the world, fight with mutants and make decisions of moral and ethical character – for example, to kill or keep alive those or other characters.

Download BioShock mobile as Rg notes, it was impossible since July of this year, as it was incompatible with iOS 8.4. The developers had to solve this problem, but, as a result, two months later, the project is simply removed from the App Store. Now it can’t re-download even those who had already purchased.

Some gamers turned to support 2K Games and received a reply confirming that the final withdrawal of the mobile BioShock is the result of the decision of the developers. However, compensation for the company advised me to contact Apple.

According to publishers, because the transaction was not done through them, to return spent money on a game they can’t. Apparently, this means that the compatibility issues with newer versions of iOS, the developers decided not to worry.

Note that BioShock received critical acclaim, including due to “philosophical” scenario, and a detailed world. In addition, the creators of the game has received many prestigious awards.

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