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25 reasons why iPhone 7 Plus is better Samsung Galaxy S8+

Flagship smartphones Galaxy S8 and S8+ are considered the best examples of devices presented in the vast Android ecosystem. Samsung has set a goal not only to rehabilitate after the failure of Galaxy Note 7, but even to rethink the very concept of a “smart” phone. The authors of the project PhoneBuff actively used Galaxy S8+ the last few months called 25 reasons why the iPhone 7 Plus is better than South Korean leaders.

The first advantage of the iPhone 7 Plus on competitor to PhoneBuff called dual camera. It allows you to use optical zoom to zoom without loss of priceless and portrait mode shooting as “DSLRs”. Smartphone Apple clad in a stylish aluminum housing, viewed by many as the benchmark of quality. With this protective shell iPhone 7 Plus is much stronger than glass the Galaxy S8+.

An important advantage of the iPhone is the presence of a mechanical Mute button on the side of the smartphone, allowing you to easily mute the sound when the user is, for example, in an important meeting or at the cinema. Another bonus is the availability of technology feedback Taptic Engine and 3D Touch. iPhone 7 Plus offers a unique way of interacting with the device, the phone can distinguish between a touch screen.

Many potential buyers Galaxy S8 are dissatisfied with the fact that the biometric module is located on the back of the smartphone. Samsung went to such a step to make room for a smartphone display. IPhone 7 Touch ID module is located directly under the screen. Also Apple smartphones installed stereo speakers, while the Galaxy S8+ is equipped with only one loudspeaker with a mediocre sound.

iPhone 7 Plus is superior to Galaxy S8+ performance. And not just in synthetic benchmarks but, more importantly, in tests on real usage.

The important advantage of the iPhone is to save after-sales cost. Apple devices longer keep the price at a higher level than the devices Samsung. In particular, 2-year-old iPhone keeps the price as much as the Galaxy smartphones in a year after purchase.

Other benefits of iPhone 7 Plus on Galaxy S8 lie in the software. iOS is more secure and easy to use mobile OS. In Android, which works Korean unit, there are not many branded apps and Apple services including Siri, iTunes, AirPlay, Find My iPhone, iMessage. With this iPhone gets longer support than Android devices.

Apps in the App Store a better and more reliable, ascertain PhoneBuff. At the same time in iOS no preset operator programs that have Galaxy S8 and which cannot be removed from the device without rooting.

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