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21% of Windows users plan to switch to Mac, from Mac to Windows PC – 2%

Apple is the world’s most successful IT company. Sales of iOS-devices hit records. iPhone is the most popular smartphone on the market, iPad is the most popular tablet and the Apple Watch – the most popular “smart” watch. But all this mobile device. In Apple computers is not so smooth. Microsoft still owns the lion’s share of the OS market. However, the trend indicates a high level of interest in the Mac among Windows users.

For visual display of demand and technology analysts use not only the absolute sales figures, but indicators such as the proportion of those who are planning to go to “Apple” gadgets after use of the devices on the Windows platform. According to Verto Analytics, in the case of owners of Windows-based PC, the figure is 21%.

According to the survey, every fifth owner of the PC is planning to switch to Mac. Among the users of Apple computers potential “switchers” is much less: only 2% “of MacOS users” look to the Windows-based PC.

The largest number of users planning to switch to a Mac in the next 6-12 months, was among owners of desktop computers running Windows.

Analysts also draw attention to another point. Among those who expressed a desire to withdraw from a Windows machine to a Mac use the most common of secured users with income above $150,000 a year (20%). Also of interest to Mac users are low-income (14%), teenagers and 20-year-old respondents who expect to increase their income level.

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