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20 years in 3 minutes: how to change the Apple website since 1996 [video]

Now, almost 16 years we live in the new Millennium, but did not seem to notice anything new. The gap between the past and the present are easy to spot if you look to those around us gadgets and compare with the device of the last century. Or take the Internet, has changed beyond recognition and continues to change rapidly. We have the ability to assess what the evolution was the website of Apple – the largest IT corporations in the world.

The first full version of the Apple website with graphics and buttons in the web archive dates back to 1996. At this time, on the verge of bankruptcy the company just returned founder Steve jobs. In the spotlight — Mac OS 8, PowerBook laptops and PDAs eMate on the basis of the Newton OS. A year later, the influence of Steve jobs, among other things, is reflected on the Apple website. The design is completely changed, the visitor meets the schedule with the new company’s product — one-piece computer iMac.

In 2000, the structure of the Apple begins to resemble what we can see on the modern site of the company. Appeared tabs with access to basic services in the centre is a key product of the Corporation. With cosmetic changes (buttons became less “dished” colors left in metal grey shade) this design lasted until the announcement of Mac OS X Leopard and the release of the first iPhone in 2007.

Last year, Apple spent the next redesign. Now the users can proceed to checkout right on product pages and instead of linking to the online store Apple Online Store in the navigation panel the icon “Bag”. Despite the vacant space in the top panel, the company returned the tab of iPod music players, removed two months earlier.

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