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20 years ago Apple was nearly sold for a knockdown price

Apple once again has set a record for quarterly profit. However, investors are not very happy about the projected decline in iPhone shipments, which the company’s shares fell by 6.5%. However, as noted by Rusbase, for Apple it could be much worse.

At the end of January 1996, exactly 20 years ago, the media wrote that Sun Microsystems is in talks to buy Apple. Then the cost was $3,89 billion.

“In 1995, at the dawn of 1996, when we were at the peak of its popularity, we don’t have just a few hours to buy Apple at a price of $5-6 per share”, — said in 2011 the former Sun President ed Zander.

For years Apple could not emerge. In the early nineties, the company tried to create anything from expensive handheld computers to strange digital cameras.

However, the most serious error made former Apple CEO John sculley, when allowed to implement in computers the PowerPC processes. At the same time, Microsoft, IBM, Intel have teamed up to run Windows on your budget and the popular x86 chips.

Microsoft Windows flourished due to the abundance of cheap PCs and expensive and limited versions of Mac trailed far behind.

In 1993, Apple failed to report a quarterly profit. That was enough to dismiss Scully and put in its place one of the first Apple employees Michael Spindler. Things were so bad that the Board authorized the Spindler to find a buyer for the company.

In early 1996, the new leader of Apple held talks about selling the company to Sun Microsystems, a manufacturer of high quality computer workstations and servers. Critics suggested that the company planned to use the Mac to create cheap computers with low power, connected to Sun servers, to spy.

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“Not that no one in Sun and Apple did not suspect that they were going to successfully create a product of poor quality for the mass market,” writes Suck.

The plan backfired, and the deal fell apart. Spindler talks with IBM and Philips on the company too. It is not surprising that less than three years the Board of Directors of Apple fired Spinnler and hired Gil Amelio,.

The Amelio bought a startup Steve jobs ‘ NeXT Computer for $429 million that was returned to former founder in the company. But it turned against him: in early 1997, jobs has convinced the Apple Board of Directors to debar Amelio. In 2010 Oracle bought loss-making Sun for $7.4 billion

So when we bite your elbows about the future of Apple, it is worth remembering that things could be much worse. Or at least, much more dramatic.

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