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20 supersbornik facts about the batteries in Apple gadgets

Paul Gorodnitsky took advantage of the availability heuristic and built the list of facts about batteries in Apple products. Perhaps a personal experience will help someone to make a choice in favor of devices from Cupertino. Or the opposite – to abandon the idea of purchasing these devices.

1. All iPad, starting with the first, are brilliant batteries.

10 hours of work specified in the specs – not the average working time and the minimum. Interest crawl very slowly, you can safely go on a business trip for three days, regularly use a tablet, and never charge.

Largely due to excellent battery iPad without a chance made all of the Android tablets that held a charge for a maximum of 7-8 hours.

And two more wonderful fact.

Firstly, all models of iPad (even the mini, even Pro) the same keep cool.

Second, the battery is very slowly getting old: even the iPad 2, released in 2011, is now easily show a couple of movies without recharging.

2. All the iPhone needs to be charged strictly a adapter from iPad. Then the speed is normal – about 1% per minute. The supplied adapter from the iPhone it is better to throw or throw on the mezzanine – this accessory Apple has created for very patient people who are willing to charge a smartphone for three hours.

3. Faster than anyone in history to charge the iPhone 4s. 45-50 minutes from ipatovskogo “cube” and that’s 100%.

4. The worst battery in the history was the iPhone 5. Interest flew away like balloons on the first of September – even in surf mode battery landed in about three hours.

5. Normal iPhone capacity on average is enough for the day is from 8-9 a.m. until 19-20 PM.

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The iPhone Plus indicators abruptly – he pulls all day (from 8-9 in the morning until late at night).

Tenth iPhone somewhere in the middle: if you remove it from charging at 8-9 in the morning, he’ll pass out in about 21-22 hours in the evening.

6. The most remarkable battery Apple put in the iPod Shuffle. Even six years after buying this player gives the promised 10 hours of music. Incredible reliability.

7. The average battery for a year loses 7-10% of capacity. Not much, but a couple of years they start to pass out in the cold.

And after 2.5-3 years CPU iPhone artificially slowed. It intelligently and reasonably, and everyone who thinks otherwise, simply has not penetrated into the essence of slowing down.

8. The legendary “last cent” – a fantastically useful feature.

If someone does not know, 1% of the iPhone rests on the indicator is about the same as the previous five per cent (i.e. from 6% to 1%).

And the mobile is never switched off in the middle of the track – first playing music and then a gadget goes to sleep. On Android devices will not see this, but sorry.

9. All MacBook models hold absolutely different (from 6-7 up to 12-13 hours), but you need to know three things.

First – all current (2014 and younger) MacBook can be left connected to the charger. They will be nothing, the battery is not spoiled.

The second MacBook battery charged very quickly. faster than the iPhone.

The third is in the closed condition of the MacBook is almost discharged (minus 2-3 percent per night nonsense).

10. Apple Watch 3 can hold a charge much better than the first two generations, but still far from optimal autonomy. On average they work on a single charge for two days if it is not actively doing sports, the minimum to use the GPS and not put the maximum brightness.

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11. The main disadvantage of charging-washers for Apple Watch is its uniqueness. Normal counterfeit cables do not exist – because of this, any docking station for a smart watch space is worth the money.

12. Counterfeit cables for iPhone you need to buy carefully. Here is a link to the website where the list of approved Apple cables. If the manufacturer is missing from the long list, down with such a cord – sooner or later he will kill the smartphone.

13. When the iPhone heats up sometimes – this is normal. When the iPhone heats up every time you plug it in to charge, is sad.

From experience, stiffer all basked iPhone 6s Plus and iPhone 7 Plus, taking the electricity through the AC adaptor from the iPad. Less of all boils iPhone X.

14. Power saving mode throws iPhone for a couple of generations ago. For example, downgraded 6s to 5s, and X – to the “seven”. But in this format, the smartphone is guaranteed to last from morning to night. It is a pity that the 5% charge is not any power saving turbo speed – he would not stop.

15. Full wireless charging iPhone X and iPhone 8 Plus is about 200-220 minutes. It’s horrible for a long time – function can be unhelpful.

The only usage scenario is to come home in a bad state, to put the device on the nightstand and accidentally get them in wireless charging.

16. Brand case-battery for iPhone – not the prettiest accessory in the world, but the owners without exception they pleased. Say that quickly got used to it and now enjoy the extra battery life. By the way, all the other batteries for the iPhone can be cumbersome, unreliable and frankly ugly slag.

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17. Worst of all the battery iPhone influence Facebook and Facebook Messenger. The battery sits like on a smartphone simultaneously running applications for mining bitcoin, ether packs and other cryptocurrencies.

People from Facebook claim that working on optimization, but words are still words. So it is logical to use Facebook through the browser.

18. There is a myth that the iPhone will keep longer if a screen saver to deliver a dark, not bright picture. Most likely, this is nonsense – the difference is very tiny.

19. The most insidious thing – “tethering” on the iPhone. To forget to turn it off – easy peasy, but then it will suck energy as long as about it remember. This can happen in two days, a week or a month – a “tethering” does not betray himself.

That’s how it looks in an enabled state:

And so – in inactivated:

Another sneaky feature – Wi-Fi in iOS 11. It should only be disabled via “Settings”.

For a long time, but Apple does not care about the little things. They decided that always-on Wi-Fi style.


20. It is foolish to deny that Apple refers to the responsibility of all batteries on the market.

In Cupertino are constantly engaged in optimization of resources, so battery 2000-2700 mAh provide iPhones the same time, like 3200-3500 mAh – Android-flagships.

Respect is very cool.

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