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20 secrets WhatsApp for iPhone and Android

WhatsApp is the worlds most popular mobile messenger. Today it is used more than 800 million people. MacDigger offers 20 of the most useful hints and tips on using WhatsApp for iPhone and Android.

Backup and data recovery

As an iOS and Android version of the app has a built-in backup and restore history and other important data. On iPhone to do this, use iCloud.

SIM card for WhatsApp

Use WhatSim will cost you 11,60 dollars a year. This special SIM card can connect to cell 400 operators in 150 countries, allowing you to stay connected with friends and family and save on roaming.

The web client of WhatsApp

WhatsApp has an official web client, through which you can communicate with friends via the computer. This client is built-in all the functions of a mobile application. Unfortunately, today the web client WhatsApp officially supports only Android, Windows Phone and Blackberry 10.

IPhone users can use the web client only if you have jailbreak.

Receive Push notifications when a contact logs on to the network

The owners of iOS-jailbroken devices can use tweak OnlineNotify, send push notifications when a contact logs in to the network or starts to type a message for you.

Calls using WhatsApp

The WhatsApp team took a lot of time to build support for voice VoIP. Finally, this long-awaited feature appeared, and the sound quality is at very high level. The function works both on iPhone and on Android smartphones.

The WhatsApp client for Mac

Owners can install Mac native app called WhatsMac that allows all the same as the web client of WhatsApp. Similarly, the web client, the application has all the necessary functions and supports devices on Android, Windows Phone and Blackberry. IPhone users can use this application only if you have jailbreak after installing the tweak, which we wrote above. Download WhatsMac here.

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Notifications WhatsApp on desktop

A special plugin for the Chrome browser called WAToolkkit will allow you to receive notifications from the web client of WhatsApp right on your desktop. Notifications will be sent even if the browser is closed.

“Quick answers” on the iPhone

The “Quick reply in iOS 8 are reserved for standard app Apple Messages, but users found a way to make it work with WhatsApp. This requires jailbreak and tweak Nuntius.

Lock WhatsApp on Android

Don’t want to read your texts? App for Android called “Messenger and Chat Lock” (Lock messenger and chat) will lock WhatsApp with help of a pin. By the way, the same application can block your Facebook, just in case. Download the application here.

Widget favorite contacts on iPhone

Want to add links to the WhatsApp contacts in notification Center iOS? This can be done by using the “Shortcut for WhatsApp Plus”. Android users can simply touch and hold anywhere on the chat window, then choose “Add a link to the conversation. So you add a direct link to the chosen contact WhatsApp directly on your home screen.

Sync contact photos-WhatsApp phonebook

IOS users can use AvatarSync to sync photos WhatsApp profile phonebook iPhone. If you use Android, you have lots of apps from Google Play, is able to perform this task. Among them and Contact Photo Sync.

WhatsApp on tablets

Perhaps this is one of the most popular search queries on the Internet. In fact, there is a way to make WhatsApp work on iPad and iPod touch without jailbreak. Here you can see how it’s done.

As for the owners of Android tablets without 3G, you will have to find and load the executable file of WhatsApp because Google Play does not display in the search results. After download let device download third-party apps (Settings – Security), clicking on the checkbox next to the stitching Unknown sources. Now just install WhatsApp on your tablet. After installation, run the application; it will ask to enter the telephone number that will receive an SMS with a verification code – enter the number to which you have access. After you receive the verification code, enter it on the tablet, and Whatsapp will start.

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Disable read receipts

WhatsApp surprised everyone when he presented a new feature for iOS and Android – read report message. Users quickly found the option to disable this feature.

Disable status was online …”

WhatsApp by default shows when the user was last online. Fortunately for many, not so long ago in app for iOS and Android added the ability to disable a signature. To do this you need to run the app WhatsApp, go to settings, then Account – Privacy – Is(-a). In the list, select “None”.

Android users should run WhatsApp, press the Menu button, then Settings – Profile – Privacy – Is(-a). In the list, select “None”.

Customization WhatsApp

There are many third-party application that allows you to customize WhatsApp. The most popular — WhatsApp+. This app can only be downloaded from Cydia.

Using WhatsApp+ for Android, unfortunately, was banned by WhatsApp. Users “phones” can only change the background image, using the corresponding menu option in the official app.

Change the number of WhatsApp

Want to change your phone number and not lose the history of messages and other WhatsApp data? Just put in your phone a new SIM card and follow the instructions described below.

iPhone: open WhatsApp, go to Settings, then Profile – Change room. Here you need to enter your old number in the first field, and the new number in the second field. After that, click “finish”.

Android: open WhatsApp, click on the Menu button and go to Settings. Then select a Profile to Change the room. Here you need to enter your old number in the first field, and the new number in the second field. After that, click “finish”.

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Disable auto save received pictures in the photo album

In the app WhatsApp for iOS you need to open Settings – chat Settings and uncheck the checkbox “Save. input. files. After that, WhatsApp will no longer save image sent to you photo library.

On Android you can use open access to the file system and rename the folder “WhatsApp Images”. Connect your smartphone to the computer or use any file Manager to locate the folder. In the file Manager, open sdcard – WhatsApp – Media. Locate the folder called “WhatsApp Images” and rename it to “.WhatsApp Images”. Point, added to the name of the folder will hide it so that it is no longer visible in the photo gallery.

Startup WhatsApp for Android on OS X, Windows

Of course, we have the web client WhatsApp, but who would refuse the chance to run the original application for the smartphone on your computer? Users of Windows and OS X can easily run WhatsApp on your system: simply install the extension for Google Chrome ARC Welder.

Read text messages aloud Android

For any reasonable modification Voice for WhatsApp through which the application can read aloud incoming messages. Also the modification adds support for voice commands.

Send an unlimited number of photos on iOS

WhatsApp by default limits the number of photos in one message ten Grand. Sometimes it’s annoying, especially when you need to quickly poison someone a lot of photos. Fortunately, on the iPhone you can fix this: just install stronghold WhatsApp Unlimited Media (this would require a jailbreak).

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