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20 hidden iOS features you should know

Next month Apple will introduce a new operating system, iOS 9 – major release since the launch of the App Store, which will open up new options and will provide developers with tools to create new applications. Fundamental changes in the design of the mobile platform to be expected: radically the appearance of iOS has changed in its seventh edition.

With each release of iOS innovations appear to offset some functional disadvantages of the previous system. Ahead of the release of “nine” MacDigger publishes a selection of hidden possibilities of the mobile platform, which know not all iPhone and iPad users. The article will be interesting for both beginners who are just getting started with the operating system, and advanced users igadzhetov.

1. Setup of custom vibrational

Some iOS features are so unique that boggle the imagination. One such feature relates to the challenges on the iPhone, in particular, to vibrotone. The system allows you to create custom drawings of vibrations for incoming calls. To configure this feature, go to Settings –> Sounds –> Ringtone –> Vibration> Create new vibration.

2. Voice any texts

We have to admit that thanks to books in audio format, reading has become much easier and simpler. Actually, not even so much reading, how much listening. Operating system Apple using standard tools, allows you to turn any text information on the screen in the audiobook, resulting in a simple “swipe” text can be heard, for example, on the way to work, in the car, subway or plane. Read more about it here.

3. How to disable tracking frequently visited places

iOS collects information about where the owner of the iPhone and iPad is more often. But, if these data were unavailable for the users of smartphones and tablets, in recent versions it is not so. The gadget is the story of movement and demonstrates the geographical coordinates and the time during which the person was in this place. For example, 45 visits to work from 1 February 2015 or may 8, was located in the Park Central Park from 20:15 to 22:54. Find this information under “Privacy” –> “location Services”. How to disable the feature, MacDigger wrote here.

4. Magnet and hidden features iPhone

Last year the developer found Apple’s smartphone hidden features. Using iPhone 4 and the magnetic bar, he learned to manage a small object on the screen of the smartphone, which fully repeated movement of the magnet, located it at 20 inches. The experiment proved that the Apple phone is sensitive to the displacements of the bar not only in one plane, but in space. Unusual ability to “Apple” devices demonstrated on a video on YouTube.

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5. How to manage iPhone and iPad with head movements

In Settings –> General –> accessibility –> Switch Control –> Switches –> object Allocation are special options that allow you to customize the gestures of the head right and left to perform certain commands. For example, tilting her head to the right, you can add or lower the volume, and making a gesture in the other direction to cause the multitasking panel, or return to the home screen. The menu is hidden away in the settings of the operating system.

6. Hidden photos and videos

Sometimes such situations arise when it is necessary imperceptibly to take some pictures or record videos. Remarkable feature of iOS will help in this task. Instructions for using the functions can be found here.

7. Delete digits when using swipe

In the Calculator app, you can delete the last entered digit. This is done by a simple swipe left or right on the field with the characters.

8. How to enable black and white mode

In the “g” added black-white mode of the interface. To find the switch in Main menu –> Universal access – > grayscale.

9. The ability to hide photos

The Photos app and iCloud photo library” open access to all photo and video files anytime and anywhere. Photos are easy to find and are organized consistently on all devices. In addition, the latest version of iOS “Photo” allows you to hide pictures – selected pictures vanish from the types of “Moments” and “Collections” and “Years”, but will be visible in the “Albums”.

10. Filtering messages from unknown contacts

In the latest release of the software platform has the opportunity to filter messages from unknown numbers. Messages app groups such messages in a separate section. How to use this feature on iPhone, you can learn in this article.

11. Emoji with a gesture Spock

In the latest release of iOS, Apple has expanded the standard set of emoticons. Keyboard symbols Emoji acquired more than 300 new icons. This adds support for emoticons that are not represented directly on the keyboard. One of them is the gesture of “Live long and prosper”, which showed the character of the science fiction television series Star trek. OS support icon Vulcan salute – just need to set a keyboard shortcut to paste.

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12. How to disable “swipe” in the Photos app

Sometimes there is a need to restrict certain functions of the iPhone and iPad. For example, to prevent access of children to certain web sites or applications, hide contacts in the address book or recent calls from its second half. iOS provides such opportunities. One of the functions allows you to restrict the ability to scroll through photos in the standard photo library. Important for situations when the user decided to show a picture to a friend but doesn’t want him to be able to view other pictures. About how to configure this feature, see here.

13. How to hide any app from the home screen

Each time after the release of iOS users find ways to use bugs in the operating system to his advantage. For example, a Kiosk application in iOS 6 and folders in iOS 7. The iOS 8 is no exception. During testing, the developers found a lot of bugs and shortcomings. Some of them moved into the final Assembly. One of the mistakes iOS 8 allows using simple manipulations to hide from the screen of any app, including system. All the details here.

14. How to add home screen blank icons

Previously, in order to add to the home screen of an iPhone or iPad blank icon, users had to resort to jailbreak and install specialized tweaks from Cydia. Not so long ago there was an easier way to achieve the same effect.

15. How to add a folder to a folder

Folders in iOS does not have restrictions on the number of programs. You can add an unlimited number of icons. Although at a certain point this defeats the purpose, since the search applications in the folder will go the same time as scrolling screens on the desktop. The peculiarity of springboard in iOS 8 allows using simple manipulations to add folders to the folders. How to do it, MacDigger told there.

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16. Photos while shooting video

To save the frame in the format of the photos, click on a white circular button that appears to the left of the record button in video mode.

17. How to download free apps without entering password

Apple added in iOS setting, allowing you to download free games and apps without confirmation of the password for your Apple ID account. To make purchases in the App Store and iTunes require the user to enter a password or to put a finger on the fingerprint scanner Touch ID. If the device does not have a biometric sensor, a download apps quite tedious. In iOS 8.3 have the opportunity to disable the confirmation downloads code word in the case of free content – apps, music and books. The option will become available if the device is disabled authentication with Touch ID. She is in the “iTunes & App Store.

18. How to locate a lost iPhone even after a full discharge

The iOS 8 has received a number of improvements on the part of the corporate services Apple. It concerns and Find My iPhone. Few people know, but the service for the search of missing and stolen devices boast a special mode to “Last location”. It allows iPhone and iPad to automatically send information about your location before complete discharge. The appropriate switch is in the menu iCloud –> Find my iPhone.

19. How to display the exact level of the received signal

The owners of smartphones iPhone can using standard tools of the operating system, to know the exact signal strength at the mobile network operator. And it does not have to expose your mobile device the jailbreak procedure. The indicator shows the signal level in the range from -40 to -130. A value of -40 means the best reception. How to activate this mode, MacDigger wrote here.

20. How to improve the recognition accuracy of the fingerprint scanner Touch ID

Some users iPhone 5s, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are complaining about unstable operation of the fingerprint scanner built into the home button of the smartphone. IOS has a hidden opportunity “training” Touch ID. The platform allows to adjust the input biometric data of the fingers without having to rescan the prints. To learn more about it here.

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