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2 reasons to buy a Mac Pro 2017 and 3 reasons to wait for the new Mac Pro

Yesterday Apple announced the Mac Pro 2017 — the first update of professional workstations over three years. As a rule, it becomes a reason to buy the device adeyinka there are several reasons to wait for the Mac Pro (2018), the manufacturer officially confirmed the development of new products.

Mac Pro (2017) is presented in two configurations. The base model is equipped with a 6-core Intel Xeon E5, dual AMD FirePro D500 with 3 GB VRAM and is 240 000 rubles. A more advanced version got an 8-core Intel Xeon E5, dual AMD FirePro D700 graphics with 6GB of VRAM and a price tag of 310 000. Both models are equipped with 16 GB of RAM instead of 12 GB. The other significant change in characteristics is not observed, the company did not give the device a USB.

According to senior Vice President of marketing for Apple’s Phil Schiller, the company is now working on a complete rethinking of the computer. In the future, the company plans to regularly update superior Mac created specifically for professional users. Mac Pro sample 2018 will be updated in a modular design that will allow users to upgrade components. In this case, it is not a rumor, and officially a statement by Apple to a group of journalists.

The Concept Of The Mac Pro 2018

It is also said about a professional display, which will be released along with the Mac Pro. Apparently, Apple did come back to produce their own monitors, but hardly means that those will be sold only together with “prošek”.

At the moment there are two reasons to buy a Mac Pro (2017):

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  • You need a Mac for professional use.
  • You don’t need additional options.
  • Reasons to wait for the Mac Pro (2018) more:

  • Modular design with upgradeable components.
  • USB-C.
  • If you just bought a new MacBook Pro.
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