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2 iMazing is the best way to forget iTunes [+10 promo]

Many iPhone and iPad users still can’t get used to the corporate tool for synchronizing content from Apple. Indeed, despite the wide functions and features, iTunes is quite complicated to master. Especially for beginners. iMazing is a powerful and easy alternative from DigiDNA, the company which is able to fully replace the multimedia processor Apple.

With iMazing can transfer data to iOS devices without connecting to the computer. Without any intervention in the operating system and without the need to hack the gadget, the program allows you to download on iPhone and iPad files of any type. Thus the possibilities for transfer offered a lot. You can copy files to multiple connected devices and to device, connect via Wi-Fi.

In addition iMazing allows you to backup iPhone, iPad or iPod touch and in automatic mode. This functionality appeared in the latest version of the program. No restrictions the program does. At the same time to worry that the gadget will be crowded and because of this, iOS will start to become unstable is not necessary — iMazing is still in control and will not allow the device to fail.

The backup feature in iMazing has flexible settings. If necessary, you can select only certain information or files to be saved in the copy. Thus there is a possibility to make a backup is much easier, leaving him only the important information.

The solution also allows you to find detailed information about the iPhone and iPad, including the battery level, capacity, temperature, number of charge cycles, supports fast browsing of content on the device. The app shows messages, photos, call history, voice notes, books and other data.

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With iMazing is simple and convenient to operate with a music collection. Using the utility you can copy new tracks and whole albums to the device and upload music to the computer. In DigiDNA sure iMazing is able to fully save the user from having to launch iTunes.

The free version of iMazing offers unlimited content transfer to a computer via wifi or USB and gives access to the iOS file system and photos. It also allows to convert iPhone and iPad into a portable USB drive.

In the paid version iMazing 2 more opportunities. After the purchase of the utility on the computer are allowed to transfer music, videos, contacts, call history and even text messages.

Cost 2 iMazing for Mac and PC is $39.99 and (1 license) and $49.99 (2 PCs), $69,99 (5 computers). Download the trial version of the program for free on the developers website.

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