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2 AirPods will receive case-battery with charging iPhone and Apple Watch

Apple is preparing a big update AirPods headphones. At least, judging by recent patents, registered “Apple” giant. A new paper describes a charging case for wireless headset that can be used to charge the Apple Watch and the iPhone.

According to the developers of Apple case for AirPods 2 will act as an external battery for a variety of products, including Apple Watch, iPhone, iPad and even the MacBook. The illustration of the patent shows a model case with a built-in inductive site where you can find “smart” watches.

“The number of such devices, portable music players (MP3 devices and iPod), portable players (portable DVD players), cell phones (smartphones, including the iPhone), camcorders, digital cameras, projectors (including holographic projection systems), gaming systems, handheld computers, including tablets (e.g. iPad), laptops (MacBook) and other mobile computers. Some of these devices can be configured to play audio, video or data transmission”.

In the Apple patent indicates the properties of the waterproof case battery for new AirPods. Thus, probably, themselves headphones second generation will receive the resistance.

The main question is how effective can be the case for AirPods for use as a backup power source. Capacity of the current model in 398 mAh is enough to charge the Apple Watch. In the illustration to the patent, the product looks much more than the current case. It is therefore possible that it will be offered as an additional accessory for AirPods.

It should be noted that this is not the only Apple patent hints at possibility 2 AirPods. In March was published a patent that describes a “smart” model of wireless headphones capable of measuring biological indicators of the user, such as body temperature, fatigue level, heart rate, and others.

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