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18-year-old Briton used the app “Find my phone” and was shot

A tragic accident happened to 18-year-old resident of London. Jeremy cook has received several fatal bullet wounds after he attempted to recover a hijacked taxi smartphone.

After learning about the loss, cook has used the mobile app to determine the location of the gadget. Last Sunday, he in company with his cousin went to one of the areas of London where there was a smartphone.

The British found the Mazda car with three young men. From them, according to the map, were lost phone. Subsequent events did not develop as probably expected cook. He asked Trinity to return the device, but it did not go to meet him and decided to escape by car.

The man grabbed the driver’s door, then it opened fire with firearms.

“Certainly, this is an extraordinary event, commented on the incident, the constable Ken Steps. – No one even in a nightmare could not imagine that they will lose their lives due to the lost phone.

A young man with multiple gunshot wounds was taken to hospital, where he died without regaining consciousness.

Later the car was found, and there was the ill-fated phone. The police declared wanted three black Londoners.

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