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15 interesting points from the presentation Tim cook after the publication of the quarterly reports Apple

In the night from Tuesday to Wednesday Apple announced financial results for the second quarter of 2015. The official report indicates that revenues of the company increased to $49.6 billion was also recorded a 45% increase in profit per share and operating cash flow of $15 billion to Apple’s CEO explained, these figures are a huge interest of buyers to “Apple” products and services that the company provides.

In fact, such results were achieved thanks to record revenue from iPhone and Mac sales, as well as record performance of the App Store. A new record for this period is sold 47.5 million iPhones.

“This quarter was just incredible thanks to higher revenue from iPhone sales by 59% compared with last year, sure Mac sales, the highest ever revenue from services is headed to the App Store, and is just great to the launch of the Apple Watch,” said Tim cook. — The hype around Apple Music was just incredible, and this fall we expect the release of iOS 9, OS X, El Capitan and watchOS 2 for our users”.

Communicating after the publication of the financial report with the analysts of the investment companies in the teleconference, the head of Apple has made several important observations.

15 interesting points from the presentation Tim cook:

  • Cash reserves Apple $of 202.8, 89% – abroad.
  • Apple recorded the highest speed of the transition from Android to iPhone.
  • 86% of iPhone users its next smartphone see iPhone.
  • The rate of satisfaction of users of the iPad Air 2 is 97%, with iPad accounting for 76% of the tablet market more than $200.
  • The level of satisfaction of users of the Apple Watch is 97%, 94% of users of smart-watches wears them every day.
  • The category “Services” brought a record $5 billion.
  • The most successful quarter in the App Store, the revenue growth was 24%.
  • The App Store features more than 8,500 third-party applications for Apple Pay/ Siri.
  • “Millions and millions of users use Apple Music”.
  • “Millions” Beats listening to a station 1.
  • 15 000 musicians registered on the Apple Music service.
  • 700 universities and colleges supported by Apple Pay.
  • Apple to date has opened 456 retail stores, 190 of them are located outside the United States.
  • Apple plans to open 40 stores in China until the middle of next year.

Despite the success of Apple’s financial report was the reason to play on the slide. The fact that the forecast for the current quarter was worse than analysts expected. Investors started to dump the shares of the IT giant, resulting in electronic trading after the market closes Apple fell by 6.9%.

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