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15 interesting moments from the speech of Tim cook after the publication of quarterly reports Apple

In the night from Tuesday to Wednesday, Apple announced financial results for the second quarter of fiscal 2016. The company recorded a decrease in iPhone sales for the first time since the launch of smartphones in 2007 and the first decrease in earnings since 2003.

For the fiscal quarter ended March 26, revenue, the iPhone maker fell almost 13% to $50.6 bn Quarterly net profit fell 18% to $1.9 per share, compared to $2,33 per share a year earlier, total net profit for the reporting period amounted to $10.5 billion compared with $13.6 billion in 2015. Analysts had expected net profit per share at $2 and revenue of $52 billion.

Apple CEO Tim cook rejected suggestions that the smartphone market has reached an inflection point and that the company ended the growth period. The slowing growth of the smartphone market, he explained a temporary weakening of macroeconomic factors, added that “this too shall pass”, and expressed confidence that the market and especially Apple will soon return to positive dynamics.

Speaking after the publication of the financial report with analysts of the investment companies in the teleconference, the CEO made several important observations.

15 interesting moments from the speech by Tim cook:

  • Tim cook: “It was difficult for the company quarter.”
  • Apple’s cash reserves reached $233 billion.
  • Apple increased its capital return program to shareholders at $50 billion, will involve a total of more than $250 billion by March 2018.
  • Apple bought 15 startups for the last four quarters.
  • The number of paid subscribers to Apple’s Music has reached 13 million.
  • Income from services (iTunes, Apple Pay, etc.) increased by 20% to $6 billion.
  • In the world there are 10 million locations that accept Apple Pay, of which 2.5 million is in the United States.
  • The demand for iPhone SE exceeds the supply.
  • The speed of transition of users to the iPhone 6s is greater than the cycle for the iPhone 5s two years ago, but lower than in the case of the iPhone 6.
  • The satisfaction level of iPhone users made up 95% – higher than any other smartphone.
  • A record number of defectors from Android to iOS.
  • Tim cook: “We are extremely pleased with first year sales of Apple Watch and are optimistic about the future.”
  • Revenue from other products increased by 30% thanks to the Apple Watch.
  • Satisfied users of the Apple Watch, the level of customer satisfaction is 94%.
  • Apple forecast the second quarter will be the best iPad for the last two years.
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    At a press conference the head of Apple saktsentirovat attention to the services of the company, but in this field of high competition and it can be a challenge to the brand, which until now was based mostly on the gadgets.

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