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15 hidden iPhone features you should be aware of

Features of the iPhone are its main “chip”. Unlike other devices, all functions of iPhone detailed, and so working harmoniously and smoothly. Already out of the box the phone has all the vital options that allow comfortable use Internet, make calls, take photos/shoot video, listen to music, watch videos.

But, oddly enough, the iPhone has quite a few non-obvious opportunities, not all owners of the gadget. The resource center has offered 15 hidden features of the gadget, which saves mobile data traffic, to charge smart phone faster, to improve the performance of the fingerprint scanner. The post is designed for those who are interested to know all the features of the iPhone.

1. Close three programs

Need to close some apps? Not to swapit up each card individually, you can use three fingers, then you will be able to close on three tasks at a time.

2. Quick off flashlight

All iPhone users know that the control has quick access to the functions of the flashlight. But not many people know that you can turn it off, not only in the usual way, and run the camera from the lock screen.

3. A built-in level

Using the gyroscope of the iPhone is able to determine when the surface on which it lies perfectly horizontal or vertical. In order to use this feature, run the standard Compass app and swipe to open the following screen.

4. Search in messages, time and color

In order to find a particular message, you can use a special search. Field for entering the text appears, if you pull down the list of messages. To see the exact time of receiving or sending messages, drag it to the left of the screen with them on the right line will appear over time. Also, if you do not know, blue background, iMessage messaging, and the green — simple SMS.

5. The underlined and bold text, italic

In some applications, the text formatting toolbar is visible immediately, but in other cases, users often do not know how to call. Selecting the text to edit and causing the window to copy/paste, you can also find and B I U settings, allowing you to edit the formatting.

6. Quickly go back

Unlike Android devices, the iPhone does not have a separate “Back” button. But in applications such as Settings, Mail, Messages, Safari, quickly return you can use the swipe right. This option often works in third-party apps like Instagram.

7. Lock the focus and exposure

When the camera is on, press on the screen sets the focus and exposure, but after going iPhone these settings are reset. To lock them to a specific point, tap the screen and hold your finger until, until you see a notification lock the exposure and focus.

8. Create a different vibration alerts

Want to know about someones call even though the phone? In settings of contact have the option of choice and create a vibration for alerts. In order to create the type of vibration, in my contacts, select the person and by editing its data, create a new vibration. It is created by pressing your fingertips and can be an original way to highlight any of your contacts.

9. Savings mobile Internet traffic

If you follow the use of cellular data and want to reduce the bandwidth consumption, in iOS there is an option to disable cellular data for individual apps. Look at the Cellular and at the bottom you will see switches for each application.

10. Increase battery life

Spotlight is, of course, a very useful feature, allowing you to quickly obtain the necessary information. But, in cases where battery life is more valuable, you can disable monitoring of some data, since the constant indexing of many indicators strongly plants a charge. The Spotlight menu can be found in the General iPhone settings.

11. More emoticons and symbols on the keyboard

In iOS 8.3, Apple has added the ability to change the color of smileys and emotions. Also, when you see the keyboard on iOS, do not forget that some of the letters or symbols can have different variations. In order to see the extended version, you need to choose the emotion on the keyboard and the delay on her finger for a few seconds.

12. Improvement of Touch ID

Although Touch ID and so good at his job, there’s one trick that will make the fingerprint scanner of the iPhone to work even better. Menu Touch ID create a few “new prints”, each time putting the sensor the same finger. It will be enough two or three times.

13. Continuous shooting

Thanks to powerful processor the iPhone camera allows you to shoot a series of photos. Then from a large number of frames you can choose the best. Mode is great for photos of sports events, children and special moments that you are afraid unsuccessfully to photograph.

14. Faster charging iPhone

Sometimes in a hurry you need to charge your smartphone faster than usual. In such a case, after connecting the charger cord must enable “airplane mode”.

15. Privacy protection

This chip will not only ensure greater privacy, but also a little to prolong the battery life. The fact that the iPhone sends your location to Apple. To disable this option, look in the privacy settings the “System services” and disable surveillance.

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