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15 channels that are just not worth it to start Telegram

The author of the channel “IT & media | the Executioner says,” has prepared a list of antiSoviet for those who are inspired by the history of the “Former” Telegram and other popular projects.

Telegram-channels kept in the trend for almost two years – they seem to periodically disappear from the information field, but always returned. Policy read anonymous channels like “Nizagara”, business men leaf through the pages of economic news, and ordinary people signed on everything.

The loudest shot “Ex” is a talented channel stand-up comedian Arthur Chaparian, which first sold for a million rubles, and then for five and a half.

Logically, ordinary users too, there is a passionate desire to make your channel even more, for this you need only to press two buttons in the messenger, and then to think of a name, register the URL and upload a photo.

I must say: to start the channel with the aim to enrich pointless.

The best advice is to make a channel that wonder myself, and to write as I would like to read it. In short, you need to create your own, micromedia, and not live by someone else’s rules and waiting, when will begin to drip money.

And another bad news is for the promotion of the canal will almost certainly need a is that the telegram is not cheap. Therefore, the choice of niche should be treated with special attention.

Over the past six months I advertised about 500 channels and a pretty good feel that comes to the audience, and what is not.

Below is a detailed collection of antisoliton and scored niches.

1. News channel – they have not dozens, not hundreds, but thousands. This is one of the most obvious ideas is to grub up references for the day, and then submit disguised as news agenda.

This approach worked only in the first months after the appearance of channels, but not now when the competition for a place in the ribbon, users really crazy.

2. Channel about the cryptocurrency , then you’re late. Such projects took off 6-8 months ago when the words “bitcoin” in the title was enough to raise 200-300 people with one advertisement.

Of course, people quickly got fed up – even the channels with “expertise” in the crypt are filled with subscribers very slowly. However, there is a way – to play the channel some ten thousandths of a share of bitcoin. People still loves a freebie and will participate in competitions.

3. A channel about darknet – the same as and cryptocurrencies. It is useless to write how you can order drugs/weapons/other prohibited things – everything is narrated to you. And those who lead channels about the darknet, some boundless budgets for promotion, so to compete with such giants own peril.

4. Channel with interesting articles – definitely by. There’s a famous channel Michael Kafanova (it’s called “Interesting articles”), there are 3-4 successful clone, and everything else instantly bent.

However, you can narrow your topics and publish fact sheets about art/culture/cinema/sport/politics. Then there is a small chance of taking off.

5. A channel about learning English – the project has already launched, every self-respecting bilingual/polyglot/tutor/school teacher. All the methods have been tested to spin is incredibly hard, but the battle for subscribers will seem incredibly expensive.

Saw TV about the Spanish, Italian or French but not about English.

6. The channel is about success, success business a public good collected in the VK (where the whole audience downcast), but not in the telegram, where the slogans in the spirit of “Earn $ 5 million before the end of the week” don’t inspire anyone.

A couple of times and fit in is such nonsense: the followers were very sluggish, and to me in PM wrote that it is a shame to promote charlatans.


7. Channel about the personal life – learn the traditional form is dead, it is not necessary to resurrect. Anyone in the telegram is not interesting, how did you feel in the morning, where will go tonight, and why you don’t like to travel in public transport.

I’ll be honest: it pains me to see these attempts channels “for life”. The authors write boring, banal sheets without images look generally awful. Do not be like the bloggers from the zero – drive in on autobiography.

8. A channel about gadgets – because of the fact that the telegram was originally sitting geeks, niche channels about IT are tightly Packed. This has nothing to do the inhabitants of the messenger fully satisfied the request for content about technology.

Although, if you simply connect, subscribe to the channel MacDigger and on the channel “the Executioner says” why not?

9. Channel interesting facts – first on this theme was played in “Vkontakte”, then the telegram, and now she’s not in demand anywhere else.

Most often, the facts are taken from the first links of Google, at least – with the second. But even the most adequate channels (for example, Matavkin Daily) with a very diligent authors of ceiling followers is quite low – around 10 thousand people.

10. A channel about movies – just drive.

As you know, in our country, one half of the people perfectly versed in football and one in a movie. Reviews – down. Copied the biographies of the Directors too. Announcements and trailers – bye. Humble: in the sector of “movie” in the telegram to get more difficult than in the funeral business in real life.

11. A channel about SMM is mediocre, the secondary idea.

First, because such channels are full, and secondly, because there is the same information that third because this infa nonexclusive.

Personally, I have seen 3-4 good SMM channel, where the authors wrote only about the individual cases. This is fascinating, but the projects are not crawled even up to 2000 followers. Hence the conclusion: if you are willing to benefit a tiny audience – go ahead, if not – best not to even try.

12. The channel quotes is just bad, dumb, boring and archaic.

Phrase books are dead. Drink without clinking glasses. The only option is to come up with something original: for example, to publish in the morning, modified, encrypted a quote, then make a version of how the quote looked like in reality, and in the evening to call the correct answer and announce the winner.

Suparno, but in the presence of prizes you can gain a few thousands of podpisano.

13. Channel mamasani – thrash.

However, I once advertised a channel with a meme on the English – people liked it. But it’s rare and possibly unique example – no need now to go and rummage through the web in search of funny pictures from the States.

14. Channel music – you can write reviews, as a “Russian feel” Gangsta or Hustla, but just not worth it to just lay out the tracks with the signatures in the spirit of “Check out what the bomb”.

Seemingly obvious advice, but I have met so many frostbitten music fans, which it did not help. “You’ll see, my playlist will blow telegram!” – they yelled, and then for months made waves in the DJ sets for 15 subscribers.

15. Channel a repost – of course, I want to parasitize on another’s telegram content, but the method stopped working in may of 2016, when the number of such “smart” repostero exceeded the critical level.

One more time: subscribe to MacDigger and “the Hangman says.” Soon in the air – a text about which channels should get a Telegram.

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