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14 the main pieces of the new flagship of Samsung, which will compete with the iPhone 8 in 2017

The new flagship smartphone Samsung Galaxy S8 continues to grow into the details. To this point we know almost everything about your hardware model, which will replace the model of the Galaxy S7. MacDigger decided to gather in one material all the features that will boast of the best Android smartphone of 2017 in contrast to the iPhone 8.

According to rumors, Samsung plans to start sales of Galaxy S8 in March, but the flagship may be delayed until April. After a review of the Samsung Galaxy Note7 the company promised to make significant changes to the system of quality control. In Seoul just can’t afford to market in a hurry for another device, not checking it.

1. 5.5 inch 4K display

The new flagship phone by Samsung is developed by the manufacturer codenamed Project Dream. According to media reports, the company intends to equip its AMOLED display diagonal of 5.5 inches and a resolution of 4K. The project name has reference to the virtual reality platform Google Daydream. And sources say that this similarity is not surprising, since the South Korean flagship will be optimized to work with virtual reality with a display with a resolution of 3840×2160 pixels.

2. No Home button

One of the key innovations in the Galaxy S8 will touch the main button of the smartphone. The device will lose mechanical Home button in favor of a virtual, integrated directly into the device screen. The technology involves the use of ultrasonic sensor that will put dactyloscopy under the display panel and to improve the accuracy and speed compared to capacitive sensors.

3. 8 GB of RAM

If you believe the network sources, the Galaxy S8 should be one of the first smartphones on the market with a record amount of RAM. According to insiders, Samsung will be releasing 8-GB memory modules for flagship independently using 10-nm process.

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4. Flagship Snapdragon processor 835

In the heart of the smartphone will lie the top-end Snapdragon or their own Exynos 835 8895. Thus, the device can receive a special regime superproductive. The Galaxy S7 is already available modes are “Game” and “High performance”, and will join the third Beast Mode. These functions will directly affect not only performance, but battery life of smartphone.

5. Flash UFS 2.1

According to reports, “eight” will receive a flash-module of the standard UFS 2.1. UFS, or Universal Flash Storage, is the General specification of flash storage for digital cameras, cell phones and consumer electronics. In comparison with the widely used eMMC, UFS chips provide a significant increase in performance while reducing energy consumption. The capacity of the UFS module 2.1 the composition of the Galaxy S8 will reach 256 GB.

6. Dual camera

The new Samsung smartphone will be a dual camera module that has become one of the main features of the iPhone line 7. The main camera of the flagship will get a 12-megapixel sensor of its own production Samsung, and additional 13-megapixel module Sony. This system will allow the machine to use the various depth of field and improve the quality of shooting in low light conditions.

7. Display, sensitive to touch

The Samsung is credited with many different features which have not been present on the market. This is not surprising. First, the hype surrounding the flagships of the Korean giant has always been high, and secondly, this time he is stressed due to the situation with the model Note7. According to unconfirmed reports, Samsung is considering the use of Galaxy S8 chips “Apple” devices – display, sensitive to touch. Moreover, the use of partial. Supposedly the technology “revealed” in 2-3 years, but specific information on this yet.

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8. Stereo speakers

It is known that the Samsung Galaxy S8 followed by the iPhone 7 will get stereo speakers. The smartphone will be the first representative of the ruler with this thing. Sources said that the stereo speakers Galaxy S8 with the brand name (like the Boomsound of HTC smartphones) will be made known player in this market by Harman.

9. The Pen S Pen

Korean will be equipped with the S Pen. Support pen input and the pen in the kit are particularly appropriate in the case of varieties of Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus with a six-inch display. It is not excluded that the decision to start supplying the pen model Galaxy S is connected with the intention to stop the development of the Galaxy Note after the failure of the model Galaxy Note7.

10. Voice assistant from makers of Siri

Samsung planning to launch a virtual assistant with artificial intelligence that will be available to users of the Galaxy S8. In October, the South Korean company announced the purchase of the creators of Siri working on Viv a virtual assistant. In Seoul hope that a virtual assistant with artificial intelligence will help to regain the ground lost because of the situation with the Galaxy Note7.

11. Bluetooth 5.0

Specifications 5 Bluetooth (Bluetooth 5.0) was adopted in mid-December. The new standard differs from the previous primarily increased communication range and data rate. Samsung Galaxy S8 should be the first smartphone with this modem. Confirmation of this information yet, but you may recall that the Korean giant member of the Bluetooth Special Interest Group, which is responsible for developing standards for this technology.

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12. Without audio, but with wireless headphones

Along with the Galaxy S8, the company plans to release a new wireless headset that focuses primarily on the use of the new flagship. The probability that the headphones will come bundled with Galaxy S8, as the new flagship will be a crucial product for the company in recent years. Samsung may sacrifice part of the profit for the return of customer loyalty. You can also assume that the headphones will carry the Harman brand.

13. Will become even more expensive

Rumors indicate that the Galaxy S8 can be much more expensive iPhone 8. In particular, analysts at Goldman Sachs believe that the new flagship will be 15-20% more expensive than its predecessor. That is, the smartphone will be priced at about 900 dollars. Of course, for Samsung Galaxy S8 will be the most important in recent years. It is quite possible that the device will really give a lot of new features and technologies. But exactly the same rumors about a significant increase in value you could hear about the new Apple smartphones. In the end only the iPhone 7 Plus is expensive, but only $20.

14. With USB type-C

Until today, only talk about USB-C in iPhone 8, but in the case of Samsung other options and do not see.

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