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14 possible name for the next version of macOS

In 2013 Apple operating system called macOS in honor of those places in California that inspire the company. So macOS 10.9 has been called “Mavericks” in honor of the surfing spot in Northern California. The next version of the system became Yosemite in honor of Yosemite national Park, El Capitan by the name of one of the largest mountain peaks of El Capitan.

Current at the moment the version of the desktop platform Apple is called Sierra in honor of the mountain system of the Sierra Nevada. What kind of terrain will inspire Apple this year?


Cupertino is a small town in California in which are located the headquarters of Apple, so it would be logical to assume that the company will call the system in honor of their homeland. The words “Apple” and “Cupertino” are often used as synonyms, because in a town with a population of 58 000 people 15 000 are employees of the American giant.


The word “Hollywood” in the title will symbolize Apple’s interest in art. As you know, Macs are extremely popular among people working in creative professions. Steve jobs, as a shareholder of Pixar, played a big role in the film industry.

Thousand Oaks

Here the logic is as follows: the sea was (Mavericks), mountains (El Capitan and Sierra), is the time of the trees. Thousand Oaks, town in California, named after the oak trees can be an excellent option. Though the city pales in comparison to the granite rock of Half dome in Yosemite, there are also hills.

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Apple Valley

Besides the obvious things, Apple Valley or “Valley of the Apple” would be a great name for a macOS due to the nature. Like Hollywood, Apple Valley is closely associated with show business – many movies were filmed in the valley.

San Francisco Bay

Bay area San Francisco is a Mecca for art, culture and liberal values, making it ideal for Apple with its values.


Eureka is a city in California, located in Humboldt Bay. It is included in the list of historical sites in the state and has locations and buildings that have survived from the Victorian era. Here is the Carson Mansion is one of the most striking buildings of the Victorian era in the United States.

Death Valley

Oddly enough, Death Valley is one of the most beautiful places in the United States. Title macOS, Death Valley would sound very interesting. Death Valley, like Yosemite, is associated with extreme sports. Most importantly, the reputation of Death Valley as the hottest place in the world had no effect on the Mac.


If multiple to expand the horizons of the Mojave desert which occupies a significant portion of southern California can be a great name for the new OS. This exotic locale, a Paradise for lovers of photography. Although, given the friendship of Tim cook with Bono, a member of the band U2, it would be logical to call the system the Joshua Tree. On the other hand national Park Joshua tree and so is located in the Mojave desert.


The city of Shafter was named in honor of the Civil war William Shafter and celebrated its centenary in 2013. There is no unique nature, just an interesting name.

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Buttonwillow – populated area without administrative status in California. The center of population of the state is located in Buttonwillow.


In addition to excellent name, “macOS Hillcrest” will be consistent with the ideology and beliefs of Apple. A small town located near San Diego, is famous for the fact that there are many members of the LGBT community. According to the 2000 census, 43% of couples in Hillcrest was homosexual. As you know, in 2014 Apple CEO Tim cook publicly acknowledged his sexual orientation.

Long Beach

Solar city in southern California with Mediterranean climate. The title has the word “beach” is difficult to come up with something a little more lighthearted and optimistic for the next version of macOS. In long beach, the second largest city in the greater Los Angeles, conducted a large number of sporting events. Here also filmed several famous movies.

Lake Tahoe

Huge and majestic lake Tahoe is along the border of California and Nevada, but since two-thirds of the lake belong to all of California, Apple may well choose it as the title. The area is famous for stunning scenery, dangerous sports and the filming of “the Godfather”.


The national Park “Sequoia” in California is not only famous for its giant sequoias, including the instance called General Sherman is the largest (by wood volume) tree on Earth. There are also mountains, waterfalls, meadows and hundreds of caves.

What do you think, what name is more suited to the next version of macOS?

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