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14 new and updated tweaks for iOS 10.2, which is worth paying attention to

Jailbreak keep up the momentum. No help Apple no technical updates, no warning about “the dangers posed by the installation of unauthorized applications.” Over time, more and more applications from unofficial catalog to get updates for iOS 10 and come out a completely new development.

We offer a selection of 14 useful iPhone apps that you can install on your iPhone and iPad with iOS 10.2. Most of the proposed twea ks free.

Sonus (BigBoss, $1,99)

If you are willing to put up with a standard window, adjusting volume, closing the split-screen, then Sonus for you. This tweak allows you to customize minimal design for volume indicator in iOS.

Harbor (BigBoss, $0,99)

Harbor allows you to move on iPhone and iPad, some features dock macOS. First, it adds the indicator of running applications from the Mac. Any program in the dock, which is in active mode, is highlighted by a small icon. The second feature is the ability to add unlimited number of icons. Doc interactive: when bringing the finger, the icons rise and increase in size, like the icons in the macOS.

Unify (, free)

Tweak Unify groups by application notifications on the lock screen and in notification center.

HapticScroll (BigBoss, $1,49)

HapticScroll adds to the effect, on some Android smartphones. When scrolling through page after smartphone gives know a small vibration.

3DLight (BigBoss, free)

New design for the interface of 3D Touch on the home screen.

Low Power Modder (BigBoss, free)

The tweak allows you to fine-tune the operation of the power saving mode: to set upper and lower threshold to disable while charging, etc.

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PassButtonStyle (BigBoss, free)

The new design of the buttons on the page, enter the password of your iPhone lock screen.

Mitsuha (BigBoss, free)

Mitsuha adds the animation effect of the rolling shutter for the standard iOS player.

MessageFilter (BigBoss, free)

MessageFilter allows you to set a filter on any words in iMessage.

SendDelay (BigBoss, free)

Using SendDelay a delayed send messages.

Camera Tools (BigBoss, free)

Camera Tools modifies the interface of the Camera application and adds a few extra options.

TranslucentMessages (BigBoss, free)

The effect of transparency for the standard messenger in iOS.

NoWifiWhenRunThisPlz (BigBoss, free)

NoWifiWhenRunThisPlz – the original tweak that automatically disables Wi-Fi when you launch a specific application.

Apex 2 (BigBoss, free)

The continuation of the original tweak, offering a replacement for traditional folders was support for iOS 10.2. When you use the gesture “swipe” on springboard appears some sort of cross with four cells for application icons. Clicking icons in the cells, in their place, you can add one of the installed on the device games or programs.

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