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13 or 15-inch: which MacBook Pro to choose?

Currently Apple offers the MacBook Pro with the two diagonals of the screens 13 and 15 inches. They differ not only in display sizes, but also weight, number of ports and technical characteristics. What MacBook Pro is right for you?

The MacBook Pro

If you are only interested in the model “Pro”, except for the 12-inch MacBook and the outdated 13-inch MacBook Air, you have many options. Especially when you consider that in the range of Apple presented last year’s “Proshka”.

Size and weight

With the increase in size of the display increases and the weight of the laptop. With two additional inches added to the size of the device, so the 15-inch model requires significantly more space and can be harder. 13-inch MacBook Pro weighs 1.37 kg, while the 15-inch 1,83 kg On first glance the difference may seem insignificant, but if you carry the computer all day with them, then the extra pound you will definitely feel it.

If portability for you in the first place, choose the 13-inch Pro if performance 15 – inch.


MacBook Pro was the first MacBook with Retina display or, as Apple says, a screen with a sufficient density of dots per inch that you do not see the individual pixels. Regardless of your choice, you will get a great Retina display. Would be different screen resolutions.

The 13-inch model is equipped with a screen aspect ratio of 16:10, a resolution of 2560 x 1600 pixels (227 ppi). The 15-inch MacBook Pro resolution is 2560х1800 pixel density of 220 ppi.

A large area of the screen means more visible content. In addition, 15 inches items are by itself, more that it is important for people with poor eyesight.

If display size is not critical, save and take the 13-inch version. If you need the screen bigger, the choice is obvious.

External monitors

MacBook Pro allows you to connect an external monitor, but the 13-inch model due to the different bandwidth of Thunderbolt 3 supports simultaneously a maximum of two external displays. You can connect two displays with a maximum resolution of 4096×2304 (4K), or a single 5K monitor (5120×2880). 15-inch MacBook Pro works directly with four 4K displays or two 5K.

If support for external displays you are not important, then enough features 13-inch MacBook Pro. If you are working with four screens, is prismotretsa to the older model.


Both have a MacBook Pro 2016 processors Intel Skylake. The model without a bar Touch Bar running on Intel Core i5 with a clock frequency of 2 GHz or Intel Core i7 2.4 GHz. Model Touch Bar offers Core i5 or 2.9 GHz Core i7 with 3.3 GHz.

In the case of the 15-inch MacBook Pro you can choose between the Intel Core i7 with a frequency of 2.6, and 2.7 or 2.9 GHz.

If the power is not a major factor for you, do not overpay, it is better to choose a simpler model. If you are professionally engaged in video editing, or you need high performance for other purposes, it is better to take 15-inch MacBook Pro.


The GPU is responsible for rendering pixels. This process includes everything from video games to the macOS interface. The more powerful the graphics card, the more pixels it can handle. That means smoother animation and more realistic 3D image.

MacBook Pro 2016 without a Touch panel Bar features graphics Intel Graphics 540, and the version with Tabara – Intel Graphics 550. More expensive modifications 13 tuivaga MacBook Pro also got a 450 with AMD Radeon 2 GB GDDR5 GeForce GTX 460 with 4GB HDDR5. 15-domowy MacBook, in addition to the integrated graphics, has a discrete – Radeon 455 Pro with 2GB GDDR5 or Radeon Pro 460 with 4GB GDDR5.

If you need a powerful graphics subsystem not, you should pay attention to the younger version of the MacBook Pro. If you need a powerful discrete graphics, the 15-inch MacBook Pro will be the best choice.


All versions of the MacBook Pro, according to Apple, provides up to 10 hours of battery life when web browsing or play music through iTunes, or 30 days in standby mode. These indicators relate to basic models, so the more powerful the iron, the more it will consume energy.

All models of the new MacBook work without charging about the same, but keep in mind that powerful hardware is always required more energy.


The amount of RAM determines how many applications you can keep open, and how large is projects in the programs for photo and video editing without going to a slower drive.

The basic model of the laptop without the touchpad has LPDR3 8 GB RAM 1866 MHz, but there is a variant with 16 GB, the same applies to models with tabarome, but the frequency is 2133 MHz. 15-inch MacBook Pro equipped with 16 GB of RAM with a frequency of 2133 MHz.

If a large amount of RAM do you no good, look at the 13-inch MacBook Pro. All MacBook Pro at the moment have a maximum RAM of 16 GB.


Early devices for data storage consisted of large, noisy hard drive platters that are spinning and not very well responded to the attacks or problems with food. Now almost all solid state storage — flash chips with no moving parts. They are more expensive, but wins in speed and reliability.

All MacBook Pro models 2016 equipped with 256 GB of flash memory in the base configuration. 13-inch version of the maximum volume is 1 TB, and 15-inch – 2 TB.

If even 1 TB of memory not enough for you, then you can use top of the range 15 inch MacBook Pro.


The simplest model without Tabara MacBook Pro only has two USB type-C, but the options tachbrook – four USB-C port, although the MacBook Pro 13-inch connectors on the right side do not work with the maximum possible speed. So if you need all 4 ports at maximum performance, it is better to take a top MacBook.

To fit 13-inch MacBook Pro 2016?

If you value portability more than performance, not worried about not the performance processor and the best graphics, you do not need to connect many external monitors – choose the 13-inch model.

To suit 15-inch MacBook Pro 2016?

If you need top performance, a large screen, the ability to connect four external display, more memory, faster processor and powerful graphics, then your choice – the 15-inch MacBook Pro.

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