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12 years of announcements at WWDC: what Apple showed at the Premier conference for developers

The annual WWDC conference, organized by Apple, opens next Monday. MacDigger take a look at what hardware and software innovations were presented at the last 12 events.

Annual conference for developers of Apple begins June 8. We still don’t know that show at this time, but the expected announcement of iOS 9, new devices “smart” home with support for Siri, as well as new version of OS X. While all languishing in anticipation, we decided to remind that Apple showed in their last 12 conference WWDC.

2003: PowerMac G5

2003 was a big year for Apple, and the main role was played PowerMac G5. The first Mac with a 64-bit processor immediately dubbed “the fastest personal computer in the world.” The device went on sale two months after the presentation, the price started from 1999 dollars. Apple still uses a very similar design elements in their current products.

Also presented were: OS X Panther, Safari 1.0, Xcode, iSight and iChat.

2004: 30 inch monitor

In addition to the presentation OS X 10.4 Tiger in 2004, Apple revealed to the world three new flat monitor. The largest of them could boast a 30 inch, 2560 x 1600 pixels and a mind-blowing price of $ 3299. In order to use it, users had to have the Nvidia GeForce 6800 Ultra DDL (599$) and a desktop computer PowerMac G5.

Also presented were: Xcode 2 and OS X 10.4 “Tiger” for servers.

2005: Apple switches to Intel

WWDC 2005 brought one of the biggest changes in the strategy of Apple: it was announced that the company is moving with IBM PowerPC processors to Intel x86 platform. Apple 1994 used IBM chips in their devices, and the transition to Intel was forced to rewrite part of the software.

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Was also presented: QuickTime 7 for Windows.

2006: Mac Pro

Conference 2006 brought the Mac Pro, which replaced the old PowerMac and now working for Intel chips. This was not the first Mac, switched from the PowerPC platform to Intel, but definitely the best. Device price start from $ 2499 – the same Mac Pro costs today.

Also presented were: OS X 10.5 Leopard and Quad-core Xserve server.

2007: Safari comes to Windows

While Apple was late with the development of OS X 10.5 Leopard and secretly worked on the SDK for the iPhone, the main news WWDC 2007 was the version of Safari for Windows. A public beta has been downloaded over million times within two days after the release.

2008: iPhone gets 3G

The main drawback of the first iPhone was the lack of 3G, while many other smartphones support this standard. Apple first introduced the 3G model of your smartphone at WWDC 2008 and showed clearly how she was faster than the previous model, and even compared it with some smartphones competitors.

Apple also announced MobileMe, an online service to sync your devices, which is ultimately faced with many challenges and became the shame of the company. Apple “killed” him in 2011 with the launch of iCloud.

Also presented were: iOS 2.0 and OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard.

2009: iPhone 3GS with video support

WWDC 2009 brought many new programs and devices, but the most memorable presentation of the iPhone 3GS. This was the first iPhone model with the prefix “S”. The reason for his great popularity was the ability to shoot video thanks to fast processor. Apple also released iOS 3.0 (at that time still “iPhone OS”), which were finally added the function to copy and paste and voice search – the predecessor of Siri.

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Also presented were: the New 13-inch MacBook Pro, updated 15 – and 17-inch MacBook Pro, Safari 4, and the demo version of OS X 10.6 “Snow Leopard.”

2010: the Forgotten bar in iPhone 4 was present

“Stop me if you’ve seen this before,” said Apple CEO Steve jobs when he first showed the iPhone 4 hall, chock stuffed with developers. Two months before WWDC 2010 is dedicated to the gadget blog Gizmodo obtained a prototype of the new smartphone and shared his photos, that turned into a criminal case and big problems for the Apple employee who leaves a prototype in a bar.

The rest is history. iPhone 4 turned out to be a bestseller, and its design is preserved to the next generation of Apple smartphones.

Also presented were: Advertising platform iAds, Safari 5, chat service FaceTime and iMovie app for iOS.

2011: the Year of iCloud

WWDC 2011 has brought us iCloud, the successor to MobileMe. iCloud did many of the things that was MobileMe but free. Steve jobs described the service as a sort of “glue” that connected all devices. iCloud took over many tasks that previously had to connect the mobile device to the computer.

Also were announced: Price and release date OS X 10.7 Lion and iOS 5.

2012: MacBook gets a Retina display

At WWDC 2012, it was announced on the hardware update Mac, but the main news was the presentation of the new MacBook Pro. Apple has equipped its new flagship laptop Retina display whose pixels are so small that to consider them when working with the computer is almost impossible. Apple also finally abandoned the optical drive and even hard disk is making the MacBook Pro is more similar to the MacBook Air. The company called the new MacBook Pro “next generation” of their laptops.

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Also presented were: New models of MacBook Air and MacBook Pro with a faster processor and some new features (like USB 3.0), iOS 6 (which consisted of a new Apple map service), price and release date OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion.

2013: iOS 7

Despite the emergence of many new features since the release of the first iPhone, iOS has remained almost unchanged for all six years. Everything changed with the iOS 7 update. “Flat” interface elements have changed everything, from the keyboard and color schemes to standard icons and shapes of the keys on the entire platform. Also there are new features like control center, AirDrop, and automatic updating of applications.

Also presented were: OS X 10.9 Mavericks, new Mac Pro, updated MacBook Air, iTunes Radio and new features Safari.

2014: Yosemite and iOS 8

WWDC 2014 was not as bright as the previous one. Apple unveiled its new operating system OS X 10.10 Yosemite and iOS 8.

Also presented were: Service Continuity, which allows us to easily switch between iPhone, iPad and Mac. One of its main functions, Handoff, you can start working on your phone and finish it later on the computer.

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