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12 cool facts about Google Pixel XL from the point of view of the iPhone user

A recent innovation called Google Pixel XL many journalists were named the best Android phone on the market. Of course, with this status is debatable, but nobody can deny the fact that Google is done very efficiently and can be a serious competitor to the iPhone. The author of the publication 9to5mac tested Pixel XL in the week and offered his view on new. We offer to your attention 12 interesting facts about Pixel XL from the point of view of the iPhone user.

Unlimited memory for photo and video

This can be considered a killer feature of the device – you can take pictures and shoot videos as many as you need without thinking about whether there will be enough for the whole place. Moreover, all data is stored not compressed, and in the full size, so you can not worry about loss of quality. This decision is much better than what Apple offers with iCloud. The company from Cupertino should definitely take it on Board.

No “junk” apps

The situation with unwanted software on Android is a consequence of the openness of the platform. Google allows you to use OS for everyone, but in fact only a few companies can produce mobile phones. HTC, Samsung or LG are releasing an Android device under its own brand and for those who will resell them on. Among themselves and with the developers they make deals, some of which are included in the OS for third party apps – bloatware. Manufacturers earn on this. Google is not involved in this, but sets no limits, so vendors can include in the Android what you want. On smartphones Pixel and iPhone, there are no “junk” apps that is their biggest advantage.

Google Assistant

Say what you will, a virtual assistant from Google in no way inferior to Siri — it’s fast, efficient, “smart” and does all what can a virtual assistant of Apple and even more.

Fast charging and battery

Apple still uses a weak charging at 5 watts, while the XL has a Pixel included 18-watt adapter, you can calculate how much more powerful version of Google, and how much faster he returns to the life of the battery of the gadget. Speaking of the latter – the iPhone 7 Plus installed battery 2 900 mAh and a Pixel XL — 3450 mAh.

AMOLED display

The iPhone 7 Plus installed LCD screen, while the XL is used in Pixel AMOLED display. Significant difference with normal use you will not notice, but try to read information on both screens in the sun, and you will feel the difference. Features AMOLED-display – wide viewing angles, high contrast and wider color gamut.

Photo and video

According to DxOmark, the camera in Pixel XL is the best among all smartphones, but compared to the iPhone has both advantages and disadvantages. For example, there is electronic image stabilization, which works worse than optical in the iPhone. Although, to the surprise of many, she copes with 4K video. With Pixel better and faster autofocus.


If you ever used NTS 10, you will learn to Pixel XL the echoes of this device. By itself, the smartphone looks unusual – the front looks almost like the iPhone, except for the fingerprint scanner. It was moved to the rear panel, which, according to users, is a less successful solution. Although, it is also a subjective opinion – appearance, as a rule, affects consumer factor.

The fingerprint scanner (Pixel Imprint)

Is the name of a fingerprint scanner in the smartphone from Google, and it is, as already mentioned, on the rear panel. It’s not a button as some would think, and just a place for the sensor, and nothing more. Something reminiscent of the Touch ID sensor is very unfortunate, and people with big fingers (or those who do not presses the back of the phone the index finger) will be hard to get used to.


In the Pixel XL speaker plays worse than the iPhone, which boasts a high-quality stereo sound. He’s here alone, it sounds loud, but not as confident as in the smartphone from Apple.

Water resistant

Degree of protection IP53, Pixel XL loses by this measure the iPhone, which boasts the IP67 standard. The reason is simple to outrageous – to get to the announcement, the developers have decided to sacrifice this aspect. However, for the next version of the killer-feature is ready. While some may be sufficient, and such features.

Pseudo 3D-Touch

The iPhone screen is able to recognize the amount of pressure and the developers of Pixel XL decided to simulate this feature. Truth is not determined by the pressing force and the duration – so the device recognises, the harder you push on the screen or not. Feeling varying degrees of depression here, and this indicator Pixel XL also loses iPhone is still what to use the computer without the right mouse button, if you compare the lack of 3D Touch with something like that.

Split Screen Feature

The split screen is one of the best chips operating system Android Nougat. A function is native and works out of the box, and even on smartphones. Use on 5.5-inch Pixel XL is very comfortable — multitasking is useful, for example, when watching a video and reading Twitter.

Instead of a conclusion

Pixel is a good smartphone and a very serious competitor in the mobile market. For all those who prefer Google ecosystem, it may be the best choice. The device is sturdy and offers a wide range of functions. However the decision to change it on your brand new iPhone, there is only you.

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