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11 years ago Steve jobs introduced the iPhone

On 9 January 2007 Steve jobs introduced the iPhone — a smartphone that changed the world. Today, the share of iPhone accounted for more than half the company’s revenue.

The development of the first iPhone took two and a half years, it passed in a hurry. By the time of the presentation of the smartphone was in development, so Steve jobs has unveiled a prototype, although the spectators were convinced that they show the finished smartphone.

It is known that the final design of the device was not adopted immediately. Smartphone developed by two teams with radically different approach. The first group of developers and engineers have created a smartphone-based iPod. The second started from the idea that the device was bound to be touch screen.

The first iPhone went on sale June 29, 2007. By the time of the start of sales of the smartphone has a glass screen and improved battery life. In the same year, Time magazine named iPhone invention of the year.

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