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$ 1000 for the iPhone 8 is expensive? [poll]

In a network there are contradictory leaks about the price of iPhone 8, to be submitted in September this year.

Some sources report that the jubilee flagship Apple would cost over $1000. The fact of expensive components such as the OLED display, the new case features augmented reality and other innovations.

This week analysts reported that younger version of anniversary iPhone 8 will be equipped with 64 GB of flash memory, will sell for $850. While the price of the older 256 GB of memory can be up to $1000. For the 10 years that have passed since the market introduction of the first iPhone, Apple has not yet produced such expensive smartphones.

But in reality, how critical, that the price of the iPhone 8 will exceed $1000? If you are willing to pay for the flagship Apple the money, it doesn’t matter, it costs $900 or $1100. Moreover, the majority of users do not update the smartphone in the next 2-3 years.

In addition, the “Apple” smartphone often buy in installments, and the $200 almost be felt, as the monthly payments will increase by approximately $8 in two years.

On the other hand someone $1000 can be a psychological barrier, because for this money you can buy many other things, the same 13-inch MacBook Air or accessories for the smart home.

Of course, if you need a flagship with a large display, compact body and advanced features, this price can be justified. Are you ready to spend $1000 on an iPhone 8?

$ 1000 for the iPhone 8 is expensive?

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