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100% of iOS apps contain at least three vulnerabilities

100% of the tested iOS financial apps contain at least three vulnerabilities from the top 10 OWASP ranking of the most relevant vulnerabilities IN prepared by the community Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP). This conclusion was made by experts of the company Arxan Technologies according to the results of the study.

The experts conducted a survey among 1 083 users from USA, UK, Germany and Japan, and also examined the 126 most popular medical and financial applications for iOS and Android, including approved by the FDA quality supervision food and drug administration USA (Food and Drug Administration) and the National health system in the UK (UK National Health Service).

According to the findings, 84% of respondents believe in the security of applications. According to 63% of the respondents that the developers shall make every effort to ensure the protection of programs. However, 90% studied by experts in banking and healthcare applications contain at least two vulnerabilities from OWASP Top 10. Exploitation of these issues may lead to the leak of personal data, theft of information from your account and modifying the application, notes Securitylab.

If we talk about financial applications, 95% of tested programs contained at least one vulnerability from the ranking of mobile threats OWASP. Moreover, all the studied applications allow code modification or reverse engineering.

Mobile iOS application are considered more secure. However, according to the results of this study, 100% tested financial software for iOS contained at least three vulnerabilities, top 10 OWASP, while for Android the figure was only 59%, according to experts.

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