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100 new features and improvements in iOS 11 beta 3 [video]

On Monday Apple released the third beta of iOS 11 for iPhone and iPad users that are registered in the test program. Users worldwide can install the update on their devices, which allows the company to learn about errors and correct them before the official release.

Despite the fact that this is the third beta version of the OS contains a lot of mistakes. 11 to install iOS beta 3 to the main device is not recommended.

Apple has fixed a lot of bugs in the new Assembly. So, in iOS 11 the problem was solved using a 3D Touch with phone numbers, addresses, etc., work for AirPlay in third-party applications, the launch of Facebook Messenger without Facebook app installed, the functioning of third-party keyboards, migrating from Android and restore a backup from iTunes. Cellular connection now is more stable.

Apple has eliminated the error when clicking on switches Wi-Fi and Bluetooth in the control Center. The Files app now support previewing documents. VoiceOver normally interacts with the buttons “Done”, “List” and “Share” when the user opens the file in the tab “Recent”.

The main innovations in iOS 11 beta 3:

  • Gesture swipe to close apps on an iPad.
  • In the multitasking drawer less blurred background.
  • Updated interface when you add a second app in multitasking.
  • The ability to add apps to folders in the dock.
  • Notification center on iPhone and iPad now works like the iOS 10.
  • Enhanced “night mode”.
  • Smaller songs in Apple Music.
  • New icons in the Weather app.
  • New options for Siri translation (from English to Spanish, German, French and Italian).
  • The counter is synchronized messaging in the settings.
  • Tips Siri is now located below the search results in Spotlight.
  • Updated interface 3D Touch in Safari.
  • New option for OS X Server in Files.
  • In Files you can now work with documents in Dropbox.
  • Pressing the Wi-Fi in the control center disconnects the current connection to the network, not the wireless module as before.
  • Bluetooth works the same as the Wi-Fi switch.
  • Click on the widget of the player in the control opens the appropriate application.
  • New color switch for flashlight, energy saving and timer control.
  • The ability to change the brightness of the flashlight and timer in one click in the control.
  • Button Apple TV in the control room immediately opens up a connection window.
  • New option “Start broadcasting” button of record the screen.
  • More compact recording indicator video screen on the iPhone.
  • Updated interface statistics data file loaded network.
  • Support drag-and-drop Messages.
  • The new start screen in the Health app.
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Among other things, iOS 11 established assistant Siri with HomeKit and “Maps” in the “do Not disturb while driving”. In addition, the virtual assistant has got a new male and female voices for Brazilian Portuguese, canadian French, Dutch and Swedish languages. Added support for translation from English into Chinese, Spanish, German, French and Italian.

Notifications from Apple Music and other applications is now also working normally. Fixed issues with editing photos. Improved synchronization of bookmarks and reading lists in Safari with other iOS devices.

Use the Watch app saved email settings, but problems can occur when connecting with Apple Watch version below watchOS 4.

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