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10-year-old child cheated Face ID – video

Recently, the network appeared many tests, proving that Face ID can be fooled. The facial recognition system mistakenly identified twins, and experts from Vietnam bypassed her defense with the help of 3D-masks. This time iPhone X tricked a 10 year old, unblocking the phone to his mother.

In a new video on YouTube woman unlock your smartphone using Face ID. Then, the same iPhone picked up her son again and unlocked it.

It is important to note that Apple previously reported that Face ID may not identify children under the age of 13 and the twins. Perhaps gathering more information about people, the company will be able to increase the accuracy of the system.

Also, it is likely that before recording a video, the child entered the code-the password that protects the smartphone. Thus, it could accidentally or deliberately to teach Face ID.

During an interview for WIRED magazine, the woman said she was disabled and set Face ID again. Then she gave the mobile to his son, Ammar, and the system was not identified. Then she reconfigured the system again, but in a room with poor lighting. Ammar again tried to unlock the phone, and he did it three times. After several attempts, the smartphone started to recognize the boy without any problems.

The thing is that the Face ID is Samooborona system. Artificial intelligence, enclosed in it, was able to learn the differences between individuals mother and son. And since they have much in common, and the son knew the password from the smartphone, the system began to perceive them as one person.

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After watching these videos it seems that Touch ID was a much more reliable mechanism to protect the device. However, it is safe to say that Apple will certainly improve the Face ID, teaching him to define more precisely the owner of the smartphone.

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