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10 ways to increase the battery life of the Apple Watch

Battery “smart” watches Apple Watch provides up to 18 hours in mixed mode, including shipping notifications, player control, application usage, etc. following a few simple rules, you can further increase the battery life of the device. In this article MacDigger will tell you how to configure certain options to restrain the appetites of the wearable device.

1. Use black dials

Black dials can save a lot of time offline work for Apple. The fact that the company first used in its portable gadgets OLED display. It differs from the LCD panel, the method of output image. In this type of matrix, each pixel is an individual led, and replace its color to black stops the generation of any hue. Therefore, it stops the processes responsible for the supply of energy necessary for the illumination of the pixel. Thus, the use of black dials leads to savings in battery of the Apple Watch

2. Turn off unnecessary push notifications

Push notifications- certainly a useful thing on a watch. However, the function is not needed for all applications. Under My watch –> Notifications you can turn off notifications from unnecessary apps. The less apps will send alerts, the longer it will work with Apple Watch.

3. Get rid of unnecessary applications

Each installed on iPhone application that supports a version for the Apple Watch communicates with the smart watch. If you do not use a certain program, remove it from your home screen Apple. It is very simple: how do I watch apps Apple Watch on iPhone and scroll down.

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4. Close the “suspicious” programs

In most cases you don’t need to think about work applications on the Apple Watch. However, running tasks can sometimes fail. This problem is solved practically in a couple of clicks. If you suspect any application, double click on the side button to call the panel multitasking. Gesture swipe up, close unused applications.

5. Use eco

Built-in battery of the Apple Watch provides up to 18 hours of Apple Watch in mixed mode, 6.5 hours of music playback, 3 hours in the talk mode. Emergency Apple has developed the energy-saving mode. Hours lose the most part of functionality, but can work up to 72 hours. To enable eco, follow these steps: swipe up on the clock face to open control center, select the battery level in percent and click the “Eco” > “Continue”.

6. Disable the parallax effect

Parallax effect on the Apple Watch screen continuously uses the data from the motion sensors, which of course affects battery life. Therefore, open the app on your iPhone and go at Settings –> General –> Universal access. Here you need to activate the item Reducing traffic.

7. Reboot

If the Apple Watch began to drain faster than usual, it makes sense to restart the device. To do this, press and hold both the wheel Digital Crown and button. Wait until the clock screen appears the Apple logo.

8. Do not disturb and airplane mode

If you want to extend the battery life of the Apple Watch, set up on the gadget mode “do Not disturb”. The watch will not show the notification and consequently, the gadget will not activate the display. Judicious use of options can add the Apple Watch at least a couple hours of battery life. In emergency cases it makes sense to activate airplane mode.

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9. Disable “Hey Siri”

Apple Watch continuously listen to the user, allowing you to call up the voice assistant without pressing the wheels. Disabling this feature allows you to save precious battery power. If you do not often use personal assistant, you disable the “Hey Siri”. To trigger Siri, you will need to press and hold the wheel Digital Crown.

10. Turn off the device

Last percent of the battery and the clock’s off? Disable them yourself until then, until you get to charging. Or extra yet do not need the same interest.

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