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10 variants of design of the iPhone and iPad rejected by Apple

Apple is famous for its love of secrecy. All devices under the Apple brand, must be perfect. You really don’t want to see the long, winding path of thought in industrial design — it’s bad for business. Litigation initiated by Samsung, has almost forced approval to put on the table all the cards. Dozens of patents have proved originality of idea Apple, and at the same time gave to the world a great opportunity to admire the prototypes that never became a reality. Before you — some of the best.

Representatives of the company Samsung claimed that Apple cannot patent the design of a square phone with rounded edges. The case was lost for only one reason: the guys from Cupertino had to declassify a whole bunch of prototypes of the first iPhone. Including — and that.

Yes, this octagonal iPhone. Now you’ve seen them all:

So could look iPad. The concept, of course, not really, but it is necessary to make allowances for the time: development was carried out in the beginning of the two thousandth:

The reverse side of the iPad. No, this is not a photo frame:

Another variant of the design of the iPhone, which Apple refused:

This thick beauty is not a prototype of the first generation iPod, although it is very similar. In front of you is the real iPhone from the distant past. It is a pity that still with our planet.

Is more like the truth. Apparently, we have one of the working prototypes of iPhone 3 without the Home button:

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No hint of elegance. The impression that, somewhere in the middle of the design process, jobs visited the aliens and has taken the entire design of the campaign itself.

The third iPhone was supposed to be longer than the current six — and twice already:

At some point, Steve jobs decided that users want a phone with a curved body. Genius design!

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