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10 useful tips for using Apple Music

The Apple Music service has finally earned and already received a lot of positive feedback. Streaming turned out to be quite stable and coped well with the influx of users.

There is no doubt that Apple Music will open up new prospects for musicians. It’s a streaming music service, for which many are willing to pay after the trial period. MacDigger collected 10 useful tips on how to use.

How to save songs and albums to play without Internet connection

You can save albums and songs, tap on the ellipsis button next to their name and selecting “Make available offline”.

How to see download progress music

On top of any tab you will find a line load. Clicking on it, you will see all the current downloads and their status.

How to use a mini player

Mini-player enables you to view content in any tab and still be able to control playback. Open the mini-player to expand it. Again to turn the mini player, it is enough to tap on the triangle in the upper left corner or swipe down.

How to save songs from the radio to your personal library

While the song is playing on your radio, press the ellipsis button and select “add to my music”.

How to change nick in Apple Music

On any tab tap on the button the user in the upper left corner, then enter your name and click “Edit”.

How to add a song to the play queue

Tap on the ellipsis button next to the song you wish to add to the play queue. After that choose “add to next”.

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How to listen to Beats 1 with Android devices

Open page in browser to listen to the radio Beats 1 with unsupported devices – Android smartphones and gadgets with iOS 6.

How to set a song from Apple Music as an alarm clock

Save the song to your library and open the Clock app. Open the Alarm tab, add a new alarm and select the option “Sound”. Hit “song Selection” to search your music library, where it will be stored previously saved song from Apple Music.

Use Siri to control music playback, identify tracks and add tracks to the library

Invoke Siri and ask her to play any song. My iTunes collection is really huge, so you are likely to hear any song you wish. Siri completely understand Russian artists. You can also use the integrated Shazam to identify songs and ask Siri to add any song to your library.

How to quickly find associated with the song album

Tap on the ellipsis button next to the name of the song, and then on the cover in the top menu. The corresponding music album.

10 useful tips will help you to start using the new Apple. Preliminary Apple Music video you can watch on the video below.

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