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10 useful features iMessage, which you did not know

With the launch of iOS 10, Apple introduced the update proprietary messenger iMessage. At first glance, nothing interesting happened: was added stickers, Emoji and animated fireworks. In fact, Apple introduced a whole new platform, open to third-party developers. After a while users now have access to built-in apps of varying degrees of usefulness.

Daily Afisha offers a selection of hidden and unobvious features of the iMessage service which will make your exercise easier and more enjoyable.

Handwritten text

Let’s start with the simple: put the iPhone in a horizontal position and press the left bottom key. The keyboard will turn into the graphics tablet, on which you will be able to write something by hand, and in the case of an iPad and a stylus to make a sketch for a work design project.

Message effects

Effects for messages there are several types. You can send any message using standard Slam, Loud, Gentle, and Invisible ink. The latter gives the opportunity to send hidden messages, the text of which is available after you touch the message itself. The effects menu is called a long tap on the button to send messages. The message can also be accompanied by soaring balloons, confetti or fireworks on the screen. Similar effects are in the same menu under Screen. Effects can be used not only as entertainment, but also to draw attention to certain important messages.


Great for moments when time writing and sending a message does not, but the source need an answer. Long tap on an incoming message brings up a menu with six standard reactions to the message.

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Music from Apple Music

Send any song to the interlocutor in two touch: just press the Apps button to the left of the text input field and choose the Music. Before you open your library, tracks from which you can share with your friends, and they in turn can listen to them without leaving the messenger.

Word substitution on Emoji

Type your text, slide the keyboard in Emoji mode and you will see how individual words in the message can automatically turn into pictures.


Another proposal, which allows to solve the selection problem. Rock-paper-scissors — app with the game rock-scissors-paper — allows to resolve any dispute directly in the app, just need to run the app in the Apps menu or to accept an offer to play from the interlocutor.

Create your own stickers

To create your own set of stickers from photos of friends or favorite moments from the movies can now be easily and quickly even without leaving the messenger. Imoji app for iMessage allows you to instantly crop the photo under the sticker and save them to your collection.


An indispensable thing in any messenger able to send gifs. Standard in iMessage no GIF browser, but all can be solved by adding app GIF Keyboard in the Apps menu directly in the messenger. The app lets you search for gifs by keyword and send them with the correct display.

Appointment of time and place of the meeting

If you are always late or, on the contrary, punctual and do not like to wait for other to help application ETA. It can be used to send to a friend the distance from where you are to the supposed place of meeting. The application determines the time that you spend on the road, walking, travelling by car or public transport. However, it costs 229 rubles.

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Games: poker, Billiards and sea battle

To play with a friend in one of these games right in the messenger. GamePigeon are ten built-in games you can play with friends. Just add the app to the collection in iMessage and send a proposal to play. Friend will then receive an invitation in the form of regular messages.

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