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10 things you need to know before buying AirPods

AirPods headphones are quite rare and new to our area, thin g. So that you have more arguments in favor of their purchase, Apple has removed the iPhone 7 standard audio and do not expect that the iPhone 8 will he return. Will not be back. So the question “do I need it?” in relation to Apple AirPods sooner or later in all growth will rise each owner of a new iPhone.

And before you give yourself to him the correct answer, would be nice to delve into the issue.

1. How many AirPods are in Russia and where to get them?

In the us Apple online store they cost $ 160 (about 9,200 rubles). In Russia on the company website and from authorized Resellers it is no problem and ploys to buy for 12 000 rubles, that is almost 3000 rubles more expensive than “there”.

Perhaps the “grey” AirPods in Russia, you can buy cheaper, but we traditionally do not recommend.

2. As AirPods wireless different from wired EarPods?

Imagine that someone took your normal headphones, Apple EarPod that came with the iPhone, cut the wire and put in a pretty box in which they are now charged. In fact, this is the essence AirPods.

The smartphone they are connected via Bluetooth. When you plug in both the headset, you will hear a confirming that connections are sound. Then just turn on the music and enjoy.

Double “tap” in the ear will activate Siri. If you remove one earphone from your ear, the music will be on pause. At the hearing the average person the sound quality AirPods not different from the EarPods. In any case, if you consider yourself an audiophile, don’t use the standard Apple earphones for you this topic is generally irrelevant.

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3. How to control sound with them?

Or get out a pocket iPhone or use Siri to give voice commands. Unfortunately, because the wire is gone, gone and all the control buttons. And Yes, Siri works with AirPods quite imperfect — she needs a few seconds to “Wake up” and actually talk with a virtual assistant is very embarrassing in public places.

4. How easy is it to connect AirPods to the iPhone?

It’s incredibly easy, and we say this without any sarcasm. Open the box, press “connect” and… and everything. If iPhone is connected to iCloud, something about new headphones and learn all of your other Apple devices.

5. I don’t have iPhone, can I use AirPods?

Yes, but why? The meaning of AirPods to work in tandem with Apple devices. Why are you a happy owner of expensive (time is money for AirPods) “droid” to pay 12 000 rubles for wireless headphones?

But if you’re among those who want strange, you know — the box “ears” AirPods there is a small button that activates the Bluetooth transmitter. Press it, choose the pop-up “ears” on the “droid” and Bob once on headphones. Everything you have connected to the Samsung Galaxy S7, you pervert.

6. If they fall out of your ears?

Depends on the size and shape of the ears. The vast majority of people says no, do not fall. And do not fall out even if you run, jump and yank my head to the beat of the new hit. Intensive exercise, probably contraindicated.

We determined this is so — if there are any other headphones of similar pedigree structures from your ears do not fall out, and Apple AirPods to fall will not. Well, if with “droplets” usually there are problems, we should not hope that the experience with Wi-Fi Apple creation will be different.

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7. Is it possible to engage them in fitness?

Everything is possible, if carefully. The author of these lines was not AirPods with no problems in the gym, but a colleague complained that once the earphone fell from his ear. As we have said — pull cap or something like that. Well, or get ready immediately to pick up the earphone from the floor, good in the gym this should not be a problem. Jogging in the street at your own risk.

Pot has no negative impact on the headphone, but to swim in them not — they are not protected against total immersion in water, though, probably will survive occasional short-term drop.

8. How long work without recharging?

Five hours of music playback — limit. Box for them, which has a battery and which charges the device contains a daily boost of energy. In translation into Russian — if you often use headphones, charge the case will have once a week. In everyday urban life charge enough, but for a weekend at the cottage or camping may not be enough.

9. Are they easy to lose?

It depends on how much you are careful and attentive. If there are problems, the chance of losing the tiny headphones is quite high. But since they have a special box to make it a habit to always put an expensive thing in the place is not too difficult.

If you lose one earphone, it’s not the end of the world, and 60 $ is how much is spare. “There” is, anyway.

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10. So to buy or not?

Buy AirPods in the event that if:

  • You have iPhone;
  • 10 thousand to 12 thousand not a problem for you;
  • Do you like beautiful, expensive things;
  • You have ears don’t usually drop “droplets”;
  • You are quite organized in order not to lose a pair of headphones without wires;
  • You talk a lot and are in dire need of wireless headphones;
  • You dislike wired headphones;
  • You hate to configure the electronics and want to “just work”.

In all other cases — in any case do not buy!

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