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10 things you need to know before buying 9.7 inch iPad Pro

New 9.7 inch iPad Pro is designed to change in the product line the iPad Air 2, released a year and a half ago and at the moment, which is the most productive model “classic iPad”. The gadget has dimensions and weight similar to the iPad Air 2: 240 x 169,5×6.1 mm, 437 g for the Wi-Fi model and 444 grams for the model with cellular connectivity.

This article will shed light on some important points that you should pay special attention to those who decided to buy a new compact iPad Pro.

1. 2 GB of RAM and a CPU with low frequency

SE like the iPhone, the iPad Pro with 9.7 inch display is largely functional copy of the older model with a 12.9 inch display, but in a more compact package. The new reduced iPad Pro uses the same productive SoC the Apple A9X. However, it turned out that the frequency of operation of the system on a chip decreased to 2.16 GHz vs. 2,24 GHz in most models. Judging according to Apple, the performance of the CPU by 1%, and the graphics subsystem is 14% lower than the “big” iPad Pro. However, it is unlikely that such a minor change will be noticeable when using the device.

The amount of RAM in the iPad was not mentioned during the official presentation of the gadget, nor in the specs on the official site. Initially it was assumed that the tablet uses 4 GB of RAM, which corresponds to a 12.9-inch model. However, the data from the AnTuTu benchmark says otherwise and show 2 GB of RAM.

2. Not compatible with old skins Smart Cover

IPad users of previous generations will not be able to use the magnetic Smart cover with the new iPad Pro. Apple changed the location of the magnets in the casing, so the device have to buy a new accessory.

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At the same time, the iPad Pro is just a slightly modified version of the iPad Air. Camera, buttons, connectors and sensors remained in the same location as its predecessor. But most importantly, the iPad Pro case not only stylistically follows the design of its predecessor, but has an identical size parameters, allowing you to use the covers, spending the funds for purchasing in the official Apple store and not waiting for the appearance on the shelves of desirable diversity.

3. Display with True Tone

The display iPad Pro, is 25% brighter than the iPad Air 2 has a “classical” resolution of 2048×1536 pixels (264 pixels per inch). Compared to the iPad Air 2 and older iPad model Pro, the new tablet has a wider color gamut, allowing you to receive 25% more color saturation, as well as technology-enabled adaptation of the color temperature of the display is True Tone.

True Tone uses sensors to determine the color temperature of ambient light in accordance with the received data configures the image on the tablet screen so that it looked more natural. For example, when using incandescent bulbs will have a lower color temperature value, the daylight — higher.

4. Mini version of the iPad Pro does not support fast charging

Along with iPad Pro was introduced two accessories, the description of which has allowed to know some details about the new tablet. So, the new adapter Lightning to USB 3 to connect the camera (its price is 3290 rubles) indicated that the model of the iPad Pro with 12.9 inch display supports a data transfer speed of USB 3 and the iPad Pro with a display of 9.7 inch — with the speed USB 2.

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In the description of a new Lightning to USB connector-C indicated that it can be used not only to sync your iOS device with the computer, but use the Apple USB power adapter-power 29 watts (used in MacBook) for fast charging to 12.9-inch iPad Pro, but it is not specified that it is possible for models with a display of 9.7 inch.

5. The camera on the iPhone 6s

The new iPad Pro with 9.7 inch display is equipped with higher quality cameras than the model with a display of 12.9 inches. The main camera iSight novelties identical to that in the iPhone 6s: matrix 12 megapixels (while the model has 12.9 inches — only 8 megapixels), the ability to shoot HD video with a resolution of 4K (the model 12.9 inch 1080p) and slow motion 1080p video at 120 frames per second, flash with adjustable color temperature TrueTone, support for “live photos” Live Photos.

The front facing FaceTime camera, the new model also has a higher resolution than any other iPad, to 5 megapixels, and also support Retina Flash flash display.

6. The Touch ID scanner of the first generation

At the time, as flagship solutions have a fingerprint scanner Touch ID in the second generation, the new iPad Pro got the old sensor. The same is used in the iPhone 6 while the new flagship of Apple — the sensor 2-generation, which responds to touch with greater speed and accuracy. In other words, the speed of operation of the scanner of the iPad Pro significantly behind the performance of the scanner for removing a fingerprint in the iPhone 6s. Of course, the comfort of everyday use, this fact is unlikely to affect the more will turn into a critical issue, but “precipitate” from Apple to save on components.

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7. Hi, Siri!

C the release of the iPhone 6s Apple gadgets have learned to take voice commands of the user in the background. The feature “Hey Siri” allows the smartphone to “listen” and respond to the voice of a man constantly. 12.9-inch iPad Pro this technology does not work, despite the lack of technical limitations from hardware or software. Support is always active Siri appeared only in 9.7 inch iPad Pro.

8. Four speakers for great sound

Just like the “older” iPad Pro tablet speakers are located at the corners of the body and create the effect of live and surround sound. Depending on how to hold the gadget, iPad Pro increases the treble level for those speakers that are in the top position. So the sound in games and films is obtained as compelling.

8. Battery level iPad Air 2

The battery life on both models of iPad Pro and iPad Air 2 are the same: up to 10 hours of watching videos or the Internet in Wi-Fi or 9 hours on cellular network.

9. Built-in Apple SIM

iPad Pro with 9.7 inch display with support for cellular networks include not only the standard tray for SIM-cards, but built-in Apple SIM. This allows you to connect to the tariff plans of different operators directly from the tablet.

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