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10 things the iPhone changed our lives

10 years ago Nokia was the king of the mobile market, but that all changed on January 9 2007 when Steve jobs introduced the first iPhone mobile phone, music player and Internet Communicator. “iPhone is a revolutionary device that is ahead of any other gadget in 5 years”, — said jobs. Since then, Apple has sold more than 1.2 billion units of the iPhone and became the most expensive Corporation in the world. The smartphone has dramatically changed the lives of millions of people.

1. We are always

Previously, the Internet had turn on the computer wait for the Network connection and then open a browser. Now most of the tasks we carry out directly with the phone and if Wi-Fi is unavailable, we use high-speed mobile Internet.

the first iPhone offered users convenient to use a mobile web browser. All that was before Apple is pain. Then came the application, in consequence of which missing need to open your browser.

2. Tablets, watches, headphones

Many devices are connected either with the iPhone or exist because of him. Take, for example, an iPad which is a larger version of the Apple smartphone, and Apple Watch paired with iPhone.

Besides, a huge number of accessories became popular only due to the iPhone: cases, Bluetooth speakers, headphones.

3. The world of apps

If you remember, the first iPhone was no App Store, no third party apps. At that time there was a web application that you access through the browser. In July 2008 along with the iPhone 3G and iPhone OS 2.0 introduced the App Store.

At the moment, the store has more than 2 billion games and applications. Apple and the App Store pushed the industry to develop that couldn’t exist without smartphones. Without smartphones would not be Uber and Lyft, Instagram and WhatsApp.

4. Pocket camera each

Of course, cameras in phones were before the iPhone, but it is the combination of easy access to the network and applications like Instagram have turned everyone into a photographer. As a result, the need for a separate camera is virtually eliminated.

“Now we are taking more pictures than ever before,” notes the analyst AVI, Greengart.

5. Life live

Camera in a modern smartphone is not only high quality photos but also video. Constant access to the Internet allows us to stream video to the network. This can mean a conversation via videoconference with his family and shooting video with a cat to YouTube. And services like Facebook, Live, or Periscope allows to stream videos for other people.

6. Touch screens everywhere

Once the touchscreen was very rare. Now the children are swipeout on the TV screen and wonder why nothing happens. The touch screen can be found absolutely everywhere, even in the refrigerator. During the presentation of the first iPhone Steve jobs said, “We are all born with the best device for typing – fingers – and iPhone uses it to create the most revolutionary user interface”.

The head of Apple even could not imagine how right he was. The advent of touch screens has forced Microsoft to integrate touch support into their software and other manufacturers to create smartphones, tablets and computers with touch displays. Today more than strange to see this device without a touchscreen.

7. You will never get lost

Map services on the iPhone make life easier for tourists, because now no need to carry a huge card. Google Maps and Apple Maps are the most frequently used apps on the iPhone, continuously updated and get new features.

8. Mobile gaming has reached a new level

iPhone re-invented the idea of mobile gaming. Projects like Angry Birds, in which everyone can play, became extremely popular, this changed method of monetizing video games. Now most of the games are free – instead of charging for download, the developers implement in-app purchases.

9. Cash thing of the past

Apple is not the first company which engaged in mobile payments, but Apple made it so that even your grandmother knows about the technology to pay for the purchase using the phone. The Wallet app on the iPhone also allows you to store coupons, gift cards, plane tickets and movie – all in one place.

Cash is still in use, of course, since there are places where it is not possible to perform contactless payment. But, as said Tim cook, Apple Pay will help make the dream of a society in which there will be cash.

10. What else

It is impossible to tell the impact of the iPhone on a person’s life in 10 points. Apple, in fact, “killed” Adobe Flash on mobile devices and made scrolling. Now you don’t need to carry a calculator or flashlight. With podcasts don’t have to listen to the radio in real time.

The social network moved to the mobile device. According to the Facebook statement, 84% of the profits from advertisements the company receives from advertising in mobile gadgets.

At the same time, at the expense of the iPhone is credited with the inattention and hyperactivity of children. The government is using smartphones to spy on people, and consumers offer a huge amount of personal information in exchange for Google services, or visit Uber.

But even with all the shortcomings nobody is ready to abandon the iPhone.

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