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10 reasons to forget about Windows and go to macOS

Many have heard about Macs that they are better than their Windows counterparts. Often such reasoning lacks specifics, so in this article we list 10 reasons that can motivate even the bedrock of a Windows user to switch to a Mac.

1. A single manufacturer of hardware and

Yes, this is the main advantage Apple and her path, chosen by Steve jobs at the dawn of the founding of the company. Of course, the path of licensing its OS to different hardware manufacturers is more economic — and we saw the example of Microsoft. But when it’s not about benefit, but about the convenience of the user selection of Apple is best for everyone: for the users who don’t need to worry about compatibility of programs, and do not need to rush between the service center of the manufacturer of the hardware and technical support, developer OS, if something doesn’t work.

For all the schools in front of you is an important one company — Apple. Whether it’s the manufacturer — again, he doesn’t have to worry about supporting the unknown nature of the “Chinese” iron, don’t need to wrestle in some unimaginable combinations briskly competent, the user will come to mind to connect the expansion Board and it is not necessary to release a million patches that fix compatibility issue with some random app.

2. The Autonomy Of The MacBook

As strange as it may sound, but macOS is much more efficient than Windows. So, the Mac consumes much less energy. The 12-inch MacBook release in 2016 runs right up to 11 hours — and that’s without any “disable everything you can, set the backlight to the minimum and sit motionless and not breathing in front of the screen”, and in normal operation. Yes, the Intel Core m3, which made Mac ultra-portable, consume less power than the Core i7 (and earlier, of course), but MacBook Air Core i5 on the basis of work 11-12 hours, whereas the average result of the PC-laptops – 5-7 hours.

But even if you are only interested in desktop computers, the benefit of using a Mac is: when the author of these lines has replaced my desktop Windows PC to the Mac mini, the power consumption in his one-room apartment fell by a quarter. Moreover, the Mac mini is not some stub of a computer, as some think, but a full-fledged desktop on full desktop processors. Except that, the graphics system in the model.

3. Mac the only computers that are able to work with macOS and Windows

Sometimes you need to use multiple operating systems on a single computer. And do not think that this need arises only in Linux users and MacOS users. The author of these lines on the last job are faced with the fact that the employee was required to work in both Windows and Mac. And if by Mac to work with Windows easily, the reverse situation causes a lot of problems.

Of course, the virtual machine is under any system. But as effective as Parallels Desktop for Mac only. You can work with any Windows applications as if they were written Mac. And on Windows there is no such. Well, what kind of system is now more functional?

By the way, the myth about the limitations of macOS is just a myth. Often people talk about some banal fencing in macOS, confusing the operating system with iOS.

4. Is Unix

– OS X is called XNU, while XNU is essentially a modified FreeBSD Unix-like operating system, like GNU/Linux, for example. Operating system, called Unix-like, characterized by high stability and high performance through optimal interaction with the computer resource. In addition, any unixoid or linuxoid will feel at home by starting the “Terminal” macOS.

5. Cheap and high-quality software

When you install Windows (or buy a PC with Windows) — what programs at your disposal, except for the OS? Well there Notepad, Clock, WordPad, Calculator… There is a set of programs Windows Live (Windows Live movie maker, Windows Live mail) that extend the functionality of the computer, but not many of them really want to leave, and install them separately, to spend time on it.

Anyway, Apple thinks that the user should not waste your time on the computer setup — and we fully agree with this. “Working on computer” is not a “work computer”. The user needs to write texts, take and analyze data, to compose music, to draw, to video editing, and not to install applications and patches and not to dig into the configuration files.

To get from a Windows computer — need to install additional software, some of which costs money. For example, if you want to practise music seriously — will have to buy some Cubase for 50 000 rubles. If photography: Lightroom for 10, 000 and Photoshop for 16 000 rubles. Somehow a little expensive.

Office applications — too expensive. Minimum Microsoft Office Suite will cost 2699 rubles, well, or 269 per month subscription.

But if you buy a Mac, everything is different. Just turning on the computer, you get to use the full office Suite from Apple and the app to work with music Garage Band (which, in fact, lacking in many cases, but if you need more Logic Pro, a full music Studio with a large set of high-quality effects, virtual instruments and presets is 14 990 rubles). There is also the video editor iMovie, functionality which does not go to any comparison with the equivalent on Windows. And, all this is already installed on your computer and ready to work.

Additionally, you can buy (literally two clicks in the Mac App store) app is Pixelmator, which is enough the vast majority of “masters” of Photoshop, will cost 2290 rubles.

Sorry to steal apps under macOS, generally easier than under Windows — probably among macOS users are more honest people. On the other hand, what sense to spend money to develop a serious case of pirates, if the majority of the necessary programs affordable for even the student?

6. A single logical interface

In the start menu in Windows 10 decided to combine all the achievements of previous versions. At first it was interesting, but one day it became clear that this is no different from shortcuts on the Desktop, from which many long time trying to get rid of. The problem is that the more live tiles in the menu “Start”, the slower becomes the gadget, because the tiles have to be constantly renewed.

Another problem for users of Windows 10 is the question and what to do with these Metro applications, how to use them? To comfortably use the OS, you need to continue to give preference to desktop programs. Even Microsoft don’t seem to believe in universal apps, as the process of their appearance was delayed.

In macOS has no such problem. Apple did not mix-in fact, the tablet is tablet. It is running iOS and is controlled by the fingers. A PC is a PC, it is an “adult” with the usual macOS GUI: the cursor window.

Do not think that we are against innovation — perhaps someone thinks convenient touch interface computers. Unlikely to release such a PC will do Apple. But even in this case it will be a well thought out interface, so if not any app, at least 90% of all programs supported him.

By the way, a single top panel with a menu for all programs in macOS is also a very handy thing. All settings are always in the same place.

7. Updates

macOS, unlike Windows, never gonna say when you shut down or, more importantly, when you start the computer: “Hey user, I don’t care what you do, I have updated, so wait a minute. Or 10 minutes. Or half an hour, well, you understand, right? Walk, walk”. Of course, Windows automatic updates can be disabled, but why, after all, have always the actual OS — it is convenient and safe?

Most macOS updates are put in the background and does not even require a reboot. And if a reboot is still required — the OS will ask you if you want to execute it right now or should she wait until you finish your work.

In the end, the OS for the user, not Vice versa.

8. You can forget about viruses

No, of course companies who make money by selling antivirus will scare you: you, the user, will not be able to feel safe! You’re being attacked malicious viruses on all sides and on macOS and on iOS and even your electronic watch Casio is not protected from the evil influences!

Antivirus company can understand: the growing share of the PC gradually decreases as the increase in the share of Mac increases. So they panic. Only, first, official representatives of these companies often act ugly, calling any malicious program a virus, though they know (should know if they are really experts and not pretenders), that it is not. Just people used to be afraid of viruses, so use that terrible word.

And secondly, the epidemic on macOS was, in fact, only one struck by the relatively small percentage of computers, or even one subnet. Incidentally, experts from antivirus companies also understand that need not to measure the number of infected computers (in the story there were about half a million — this, too frightening), and the number of infected subnets. But they will never tell you and will stick to this already old story, convincing no, not to delay the transition to a Mac and get license for antivirus. Well, let’s say, a year. And then renew your license.

So — go to Mac and forget about viruses and antiviruses. Let your macOS always gets the latest updates (in fact, it absolutely will not strain, as we have seen) — and Apple will take care of you. Because unlike Microsoft, blame her not one, in which case the user will come to complain to them.

9. Dear Mac? Cheap Mac!

There is another myth that Apple computers are expensive. People who believe in this myth, or they themselves have not studied the market or believe that the computer consists of CPU, storage, motherboard and memory modules. And the screen (in the case of a laptop), battery, housing — all this, like, doesn’t matter.

Well, maybe someone really anyway — what size laptop or desktop PC, how much it weighs, and the quality of the screen and how it looks in the end. But whatever the priorities may have been user everything costs money — there’s no getting around it. Two different computer with the same performance will cost different money, if one of them is compact. Compactness is worth the money because so many nodes in the computer (same hard drive) take a lot of space. To cram it all in a compact body so that nothing is overheated, is not so simple is a major challenge for engineers who need to pay money. But if the company is not satisfied with the first solution, as the Apple, and she’s ready again and again to revise the concept to achieve an optimal, close-to-perfect proportions — it also costs money.

When you buy a car, it is important not only engine and not only the presence of the onboard speakers. Quietness, convenience, design — it all costs money. Everyone understands why the two cars developing the same maximum speed, can the price vary almost an order of magnitude. With computers the same.

If you try to find competitors of the MacBook in all respects, you will find that these competitors are no less than the MacBook, and even more expensive. And competitors MacBook Pro and iMac for the price, performance and dimensions you do not find. Some manufacturers (not going to once again point fingers) sell huge heavy boxes for the price of an iMac, with much less quality screen.

And do not think that the desire to buy a beautiful computer — “show-off”. Why to buy a home, beautiful furniture, beautiful Wallpapers, high-quality and cute kitchen set is not a “show-off”, and the computer — “show-off”? Do you really need to spend big money on beautiful furniture and then this furniture stood a computer, similar to an ancient Toolbox?

10. Ecosystem

The most obvious, we left for a snack. The author of these lines a lot of friends who use Apple products just for the sake of the ecosystem. Even if other arguments in favor of Mac you are not convinced, then this simply must.

All Apple devices have a similar design, principle of operation, and most importantly — they perfectly interact with each other literally at the click of a button and without wires. For example, you can easily connect to the desktop of the MacBook standing next to your iMac and transferred files from one desktop to another as if it were a single computer. And portable devices: Apple Watch, iPad and iPhone can be synchronized with a computer at the touch of a button. Just check what songs, movies and programs you want to see on your device. Not to mention the integration with Apple Watch, which completely rid of the password on the computer.

Of course, some analogues of such ecosystems is under Windows, but there is, alas, all is not so well thought out and to make it work sometimes you have to press not one but very many buttons. And “Google” in the Internet — which button to press, and then did everything according to instructions, and it doesn’t work.

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