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10 reasons not to buy iPhone 7

Should you buy the iPhone 7 now, or wait until a large-scale renovation of the line in 2017? This question is raised by many users. Despite the fact that iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus are excellent phones, there are several reasons, you may want to hold off on buying.

1. Minor changes in design

To come up with something new is very difficult, which is why Apple switched to a three-year refresh cycle for the iPhone. But, buying a phone for 60 000, I want it to look not like the predecessor. There are small cosmetic changes like moved to the ends of the plastic inserts and new colours, but this is not enough.

2. iPhone 7 water-resistant, but not waterproof

Many users were waiting for Apple’s water-resistant smartphone. During the presentation representatives of the company said to protect against dust and moisture according to IP67 standard, but unfortunately, this does not mean that you can use your smartphone under water. IP67 protects from accidental drops in water and spray, but the use of the apparatus under water is not provided. So, if you don’t want to part with your iPhone even in the pool or sea, you still need a waterproof cover.

3. The screen resolution has not changed

The display of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus was better, now it is 25% brighter and the colors on the screen become more realistic. Great, but screen resolution is still small. In smartphones of competitors, such as the Samsung Galaxy S7 or Note 7, used panel with a resolution of Quad HD. But Apple, for some reason, did not consider it necessary to improve the displays: in the case of the 4.7-inch iPhone 7 is 720p, and iPhone 7 Plus – Full HD.

4. Smartphones are very difficult to obtain, especially the “black onyx”

The process of pre-ordering Apple made as complex as possible. Officially accepting pre-orders began on September 9 at 12 midnight, however, just a few minutes the device was in short supply. If you order now iPhone, the smartphone will be delivered in October or even November. In the Russian retail also expect a shortage of “sevens”, especially in the new black colors.

5. After the announcement of iPhone 7 your current smartphone does not become worse

iPhone 7 Apple chip A10 Fusion was 50% more powerful iPhone 6s and almost double the performance of iPhone 6. But how many times have you used your smartphone the “full” and felt that not enough power? Many don’t even use half of the resources of the device. Therefore, if companies all the time enhance performance, it does not mean that it is necessary for each user.

6. iOS 10 significantly increases the speed of old iPhone models

After the release of iOS 10 smartphones the previous generation will work harder and significantly longer. In addition to many new features with a new operating system on your current iPhone will feel like new.

7. For bokeh need to buy iPhone 7 Plus

The new camera with the bokeh effect in the iPhone 7 Plus has impressed many users. But is it necessary to buy an expensive smartphone for the sake of one function that most owners will probably just forget? In the App Store you can find many editors who will allow you to achieve the same effect. Of course, they will not work in real time, but the result is almost the same.

In General, the update the camera does not seem so significant, even iPhone 6s can record 4K videos and features a 12-megapixel camera.

8. Get ready for the adapter

With the iPhone 7 will have to live in a world of adapters. The iPhone 6s is still present connector under earphones, the iPhone 7 is also necessary to always have an adapter on hand to listen to music through headphones or speakers using a 3.5 mm Jack. Also without the adapter will not work simultaneously charge your smartphone and listen to music.

9. No dark themes

According to rumors, including a dark color theme will only appear in the next iPhone in 2017. It is unclear why Apple missed the chance to propose a new design of the operating system with the black iPhone. Would look very harmonious.

10. All changes will be in the iPhone 8

Update iPhone line is pretty interesting, but not revolutionary. Major innovation is expected in the next year, on the anniversary of the iPhone. So once a year I can live with the iPhone 6s, as it’s a decent smartphone.

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