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10 most useful features of Windows 10

Summer means that many people it was time to leave and what computers they spend less time than usual. However, Microsoft has decided this year to present its new operating system at this time, namely on July 29. On the same day major computer manufacturers will begin shipping devices with Windows 10.

In Windows 10, the company promises to correct the shortcomings of Windows 8 and significantly modify its software platform, so that it is more adapted to the requirements of the modern computer market. Testing program Windows Insider revealed that Microsoft is ever ready to listen to the views of users, and at the same time fueled interest in the system. Resource Winline made a list of the features of Windows 10, which will make working with “Windows” easier and more convenient.

1. The “Start”Menu

After an absence in Windows 8, the start menu returns in a new guise. Because of his absence, many would not switch to Windows 8; now the menu offers a combination of traditional approaches and tiles of the start screen that will be familiar and familiar to those who are not afraid to get acquainted with Windows 8.

2. Notification center

What is the operating system of Microsoft lagged behind competitors ‘ products, so it’s in the delivery notification. As in Windows 7 and in Windows 8 there was no single place where it would all notifications system and applications. The notification center in Windows 10 addresses this shortcoming. It is available in the version of the system for PCs and smartphones, eliminating the need to open a separate app to learn the essence of the notice.

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3. Voice assistant Cortana

Another one borrowed from the mobile platform function – voice assistant Cortana. This program has found application in many segments of Windows 10, in particular, the search within the system and in the global network. Function is so important that the Toshiba in my laptop on Windows 10 even allocated to run a separate key on the keyboard.

Unfortunately, Cortana is not yet available to the Russian owners of Windows 10, and when it gets going it is not yet clear. Over time, as the voice assistant will work in all regions, the power of machine learning will make Cortana even better.

4. Continuum

Interesting feature for smartphone users on Windows 10. She turns smartphones into real computers when connecting to keyboard, mouse and monitor. The interface of the mobile operating system is changed to interface the PC version. A number of manufacturers are already preparing a special docking station for smartphones that will allow you to connect peripheral devices.

Help single Windows on all devices Microsoft and bet on the cloud. If all goes as planned, the smartphone may be the only computer device users, both mobile and stationary.

5. Switching applications

Not all the new features in Windows 10 should be eye-catching sensations, some are just the result of the evolutionary development of the system. For example, the key combination Alt + Tab. Before you can use them to switch between apps, the same way it is now, only with improved appearance and location of Windows.

6. Snap mode for window management

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Microsoft trying to enter the territory of the ARM architecture in the form of Windows RT was not successful, but it was something good. Snap allows you to intelligently arrange Windows side by side with each other. It is especially useful on large screens, where there is a lot of space. As you already understood, this feature is there in Windows 10 and it became even better than before.

7. The Browser Edge

In the 90 years was submitted to Internet Explorer, and although with every version he was getting better, lagged behind many competitors. The new browser, Microsoft has named the Edge and getting rid of legacy code IE, better complies with the modern web. This makes it faster and functions like support for stylus input even more increase the interest of users.

8. Universal apps

Windows 10 will put an end to the fragmentation of Microsoft software products. It will operate computers, tablets, smartphones, set-top boxes and other devices. Universal apps should also run on different types of devices, with changes in the user interface. This should fill the application store Windows Store and show the vision of Microsoft’s future operating systems.

9. Windows Hello

In recent years, especially after the appearance of the iPhone 5s, the fingerprint scanners are found in mobile devices increasingly. Windows Hello is a function of the biometric authentication, which will allow you to unlock a computer using facial recognition or iris scanning a user’s eye. Thus, users can be relieved from having to remember and enter passwords. How reliable and sought after will be this function, the future will show.

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10. DirectX 12

Computers are becoming more powerful, while cores in CPU and GPU. However, while the ability to share information between these cores was limited. Only one core can communicate with another at the same time. The graphical interface of DirectX 12 should improve the situation, and many of the kernels will be able to communicate at once, increasing the efficiency of energy use. The developers behind the account that will be able to improve the lighting effects and other graphical features.

Windows 10 will be the last Microsoft operating system. In the future, the platform will be developed on the model of “software as a service”. The operating system will no longer receive major updates every few years, it will be constantly changing, acquiring new and losing unnecessary features.

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