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10 most uncomfortable questions for Tim cook – new iPhone X, iPod and jony Ive

A Frank interview with CEO Apple, which will never happen.

If someone suddenly do not know, the bosses of major corporations give an exclusive interview very selectively – only to the most loyal, credible and respectable publications.

Before the teacher comes to answer the questions carefully formed list of topics to talk about.

Of course, there is a blacklist of such topics: if you hear the question from this category, the speaker can get up and leave, and the interview will never be released.

In addition, even after the interview (if it is text), the journalist should send the finished material in a press-service. Local staff perform the function of mediavision – cut everything, theoretically it can harm it.

That’s why all the interviews Tim cook out to be vegetarian, boring and forgettable.

I understand that I have no chance to talk to the chief in the Apple, but just in case, made a list of items to cook. Only 10 pieces, but they are the most important for me.


1. Tim, why would Apple pre-showing unfinished products?

It started in 2014. Cook brought to the stage the Apple Watch, and they debuted only six months. Then the situation repeated itself with the HomePod and iMac Pro. Then with a magic Mat for wireless charging.

Given that the company periodically floods deadlines (first AirPods, now, apparently, the iPhone X), the situation looks very strange: instead of announce ready products and generate sales at the expense of the wow-effect (“Wow! I want you now!”), Apple kills the intrigue and too often talks about unfinished things.

Maybe there is some sort of coherent strategy?

2. Tim, what is the main problem fast charging?

Apple later all vendors have introduced a quick charge function, and ugly out of the box iPhone 8 and iPhone X will be charged at the turtle, so you need to spend a decent amount (around hundred dollars) for MacBook accessories.

Maybe in Cupertino found that the normal quick charge as the other flagships, spoil the batteries? Or is it purely a commercial project? Or Apple considers that the speed that gives the normal adapter from the iPad, enough?

In General, Tim should clarify this point.

3. What is he doing now jony Ive?

In November 2016, Apple has released a collector’s book with pictures of their products and stories about the design. In the press, this project was seen as a farewell message to jony Ive, the legendary designer and friend of Steve jobs. There is information now Ive more often than not is in Europe and not involved in creating the basic Apple gadgets: instead, he, for example, designing interior of shops.

How can you believe this, Tim? And if johnny really retired, who now draws the case of iPhones, watches, and tablets?

4. Is there the option to return 3.5 mm connector?

Apple assured me that he removed the mini-Jack in order to make the iPhone 7 waterproof. Six months after the release of “seven” Samsung unveils waterproof Galaxy S8 with standard earphone hole. So technologically it is possible.

There is at least a microscopic chance that the 3.5 mm connector ever coming back, because the Bluetooth revolution is clearly delayed?

And another little question: with USB for laptops over or can you believe in a comeback?

5. iPod alive or not?

In the latest firmware found mention the iPod Touch, but we did not wait for the player at the presentation. Let Tim cook right answer: the Shuffle is dead? Nano is dead? Touch – until sold, and then in the same grave?

Still iPod is an iconic product. With him to say goodbye nicely.

6. Apple called the iPhone X “smartphone of the future.” Tim, what’s the future?

No, seriously. “$999 is a reasonable price for access to technology that you get,” said cook on the show Good Morning America. What about the exclusive technologies it? Maybe something we do not know and do not understand?

7. In may 2016, you said that the iPhone 7 will feature, without which we cannot live. Where is she?

I changed iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 7 Plus, but easily would have lived and 6s. I may not know something important?

8. Why is wireless charging? And why only now?

In 2012, Apple was criticized wireless charging that:

a) in fact wired;

b) is inconvenient, because a smartphone is really impossible to use while charging.

And now the company produces slow and quite expensive Qi adapters, provoking conversations about the backwardness in comparison with its competitors. What is the motive? And how is a startup, which was to provide exercises in the one metre range of the adapter?

9. Was there for all the years at least one Android smartphone, which is like Tim cook personally?

Maybe waterproof the brick from Sony? Or metal flagship from HTC? Or frameless Xiaomi Mi Mix? Or anything from Samsung – for example, the Note with its stylus?

Or is all that secondary stuff? Let cook answer as honestly as possible.

10. Tim, what have you learned from the experience with the iPhone 5C?

The smartphone failed not due to the fact that he was bad, but because of the fact that everyone was waiting for a plastic device at a low price. Even the “C” in the name stands for “Cheap”. What is the result? 5C is a mistake or not?

And bonus question: what will happen to SE? Worth waiting for the second generation, or four-inch smartphones are dead?


Your questions to Tim cook can throw in comments. Just let’s not homophobia.

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